Bizzie Boyz – Droppin’ It


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1 For Those Who Slept 03:35
2 Pump Up The House 04:40
3 Too Deep For The Mortal Mind 03:52
4 Droppin’ It 04:31
5 Closa 03:18
6 Hold The Lafta 05:47
7 Say When 02:21
8 If You Don’t Want Me 05:08
9 I Think I’m In Love 03:38
10 Use Your Imagination 03:51
11 Total Madness 03:52
12 So Many Memories 04:21
13 This Is How It Should Be Done 03:16
14 Mission Accomplished 03:42
15 Patty Porno 04:23
16 Turntable Scientist 04:55


Bizzie Boyz was a hip-hop group from Greensboro, North Carolina, consisting of members C.J. Smooth, Groove, M.C. Willski, Mix Master “D,” and Move. They rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a series of increasingly popular singles on Southern independent labels.

In 1990, Bizzie Boyz released their only studio album, “Droppin’ It,” on Houston-based Yo! Records. The album features hard-hitting beats, funky basslines, and aggressive rhymes covering a range of topics, including street life, social issues, and partying. The album’s tracklist includes “For Those Who Slept,” “Droppin’ It,” and “If You Don’t Want Me,” among others.

While “Droppin’ It” did not achieve commercial success, it remains a cult classic among hip-hop fans. M.C. Willski went on to produce crucial cuts for Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” and Camp Lo’s “Uptown Saturday Night,” among others.



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