DJ Screw – Diary Of The Originator: Chapter 195 – Fear No Man


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1 Intro 195, Pt. 1 01:13
2 I’m All Rapped Up In This Gangsta Shit 05:45
3 Shots Out 08:14
4 Jugglin’ 07:28
5 Real Motherfuckin’ Gee’s 08:23
6 Poppy 02:36
7 I Get Around 08:31
8 Twins Got The Sound That Goes Round & Round 11:49
9 Intro 195, Pt. 2 00:56
10 Skit 00:53
11 Busted And Disgusted 05:55
12 Standin’ In The Kitchen 06:07
13 Now They Got Me Runnin’ From The Feds 07:09
14 Don’t Cost A Dime To Stay Out Of Mine 06:35
15 Prejudice Bastard 06:49
16 A Nigga With A Motherfuckin’ Gun 05:17
17 Front Back & Side To Side 07:51
18 Screw Mix 05:51


“Diary Of The Originator: Chapter 195 – Fear No Man” is a compelling project by the legendary DJ Screw from Houston, Texas. Released on January 27, 2004, by Official S.U.C., this mixtape showcases DJ Screw’s unparalleled skills in the art of mixtape creation and the iconic chopped and screwed technique that he pioneered.

The mixtape begins with “Intro 195, Pt. 1,” setting the stage for the raw and unfiltered journey that is about to unfold. “I’m All Rapped Up In This Gangsta Shit” continues the mixtape’s tone with a slowed-down beat and powerful lyrics that pay homage to the gritty roots of gangsta rap.

“Shots Out” and “Jugglin'” maintain the mixtape’s atmospheric vibe, while “Real Motherfuckin’ Gee’s” takes listeners back to the origins of hip-hop with its captivating beat and classic lyrics. “Poppy” offers a brief interlude, followed by the iconic “I Get Around,” showcasing DJ Screw’s ability to reimagine well-known tracks and make them his own.

“Twins Got The Sound That Goes Round & Round” is an epic, nearly 12-minute track that displays DJ Screw’s mastery of the chopped and screwed technique, creating a hypnotic listening experience. The mixtape then transitions to “Intro 195, Pt. 2” and a brief “Skit,” providing a momentary pause before diving back into the powerful tracks that follow.

“Busted And Disgusted,” “Standin’ In The Kitchen,” and “Now They Got Me Runnin’ From The Feds” delve into themes of struggle, survival, and life on the streets. “Don’t Cost A Dime To Stay Out Of Mine,” “Prejudice Bastard,” and “A Nigga With A Motherfuckin’ Gun” continue this exploration with hard-hitting lyrics and mesmerizing beats.

The mixtape concludes with “Front Back & Side To Side” and “Screw Mix,” solidifying DJ Screw’s status as a trailblazer in the world of hip-hop and leaving listeners in awe of his remarkable talent.



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