BlackKlown – Dirty Presents BlackKlown


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1 You Ain’t From Down Here 04:04
2 Alabama Thugs 06:27
3 Hit Hard 03:41
4 Get Rich 04:48
5 Fa Da Gangst’s 03:58
6 Good Times 04:48
7 Head Busters 03:52
8 Shoul Ya Right 04:41
9 Hold Up 04:50
10 Let’s Ride 04:33
11 Point Em Out 04:00
12 Let’s Rob Da Bitch 04:58
13 Head-Nod 04:35
14 Is U A Hustler 05:05
15 Came Up In The Ghetto 04:40
16 Hoe’s Ain’t Shit 06:25


“Dirty Presents BlackKlown” is a compilation album by rap duo Dirty, hailing from Montgomery, Alabama. Released in 2003 by BlackKlown Records, this album features a mix of 16 tracks showcasing the group’s distinct Gangsta style and their impact on the Southern Hip Hop scene.

Comprised of members “The Pimp” and “Da Gangsta,” Dirty made a name for themselves as the first major rap artists out of Alabama. This compilation highlights their unique blend of gritty lyrics and hard-hitting beats, solidifying their status as pioneers in the regional Hip Hop community.

The album kicks off with “You Ain’t From Down Here,” setting the tone for the rest of the compilation with its unapologetic tribute to their Southern roots. Tracks like “Alabama Thugs,” “Hit Hard,” “Get Rich,” and “Fa Da Gangst’s” further emphasize their dedication to representing Alabama through their music.

With songs such as “Good Times,” “Head Busters,” “Shoul Ya Right,” and “Hold Up,” Dirty showcases their versatility by combining catchy hooks with raw storytelling. The compilation also features anthems like “Let’s Ride,” “Point Em Out,” and “Let’s Rob Da Bitch,” exemplifying the duo’s commitment to their Gangsta style.

Rounding out the album with “Head-Nod,” “Is U A Hustler,” “Came Up In The Ghetto,” and “Hoe’s Ain’t Shit,” Dirty’s compilation serves as a testament to their impact on the Southern Hip Hop landscape.

For fans of Gangsta rap and Southern Hip Hop, “Dirty Presents BlackKlown” offers a glimpse into the influential music of this groundbreaking Alabama duo.



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