Playboy Shane – Mob Hits


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1 Intro 01:06
2 Hate On Me 05:31
Featuring – All Pro, Infamous Doe, Playa Mook
3 If I Die 04:15
4 Mrs. Gloria 05:02
5 World Wide Hustlers 03:25
Featuring – Messy Marv, Rich The Factor
6 Contact 04:56
Featuring – 3-2, E-Loc, Tony Anthony
7 Everyday Thanksgiving 04:50
Featuring – Messy Marv, San Quinn
8 Never Caught Slippin’ 03:53
Featuring – Al Kapone
9 Ballin’ 03:45
Featuring – Playa Mook
10 Respect The Game 04:30
Featuring – Derek Fischer
11 Got To Be More 04:46
Featuring – Kristin Veasey
12 Ball Till We Fall 03:28
13 It’s On 04:51
Featuring – Nile, Spice 1
14 Ball Hawg 03:48
15 Clueless 04:27
Featuring – A-Dog
16 We Gone Ball 03:59
Featuring – Cuban Tony, E-Loc, Messy Marv


“Mob Hits” is the debut studio album by Little Rock, Arkansas rapper Playboy Shane. Released on September 26, 2000, by Ball Hawg Records, the album showcases Playboy Shane’s talent in the Gangsta and G-Funk styles of Hip Hop.

The 16-track album starts with a captivating “Intro” and proceeds to immerse listeners in Playboy Shane’s world through tracks like “Hate On Me,” featuring All Pro, Infamous Doe, and Playa Mook, and “If I Die.” Throughout the album, Playboy Shane explores themes such as street life, loyalty, and ambition.

Notable collaborations on the album include “World Wide Hustlers” with Messy Marv and Rich The Factor, “Everyday Thanksgiving” featuring Messy Marv and San Quinn, and “It’s On” with Nile and Spice 1. These collaborations add variety and depth to Playboy Shane’s debut offering.

The album’s production features various producers, such as DJ Squeeky, Freshstated, Ken Bledsoe, Nations Finest, Quik-One, T-Baby, and Tyrone “T.O” Oliver. Producers Tank West and Toney Anthony also contribute to the engineering and mixing of select tracks. The executive production is handled by Don Tron, while the mastering is completed by Sammy Huen.

With its unique blend of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, “Mob Hits” provides a strong debut for Playboy Shane, giving listeners a glimpse into the rapper’s life and perspective hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas.



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