P.K.O. – Don’t F**k W/ Texas


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1 Don’t F–k W/ Texas 01:04
2 World War II 04:30
3 Intro 00:07
4 Life In The Ghetto 05:49
5 Trick Call 00:58
6 Money Mackin’ Trick 06:05
7 107.Funky 5 00:34
8 World Peace 03:55
9 Youngsta Mafia Theme 05:15


“Don’t F**k W/ Texas” by P.K.O. is a raw and gritty EP that showcases the group’s talent and energy. With hard-hitting beats and lyrics that touch on life in the ghetto, this album is a must-listen for fans of old school rap. The EP’s standout tracks include “World War II,” “Life in the Ghetto,” and “Money Mackin’ Trick.” Overall, “Don’t F**k W/ Texas” is a solid debut from a talented group of rappers from San Antonio, Texas.



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