Phuntane – Releasin Game


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1 Lock In 02:32
2 What They Tell Me 04:12
3 What She Workin Wit 04:35
4 Bama Fool 05:00
5 Releasin Game 04:41
6 The Interview 03:48
7 No The Difference 04:49
8 Seek And Find 03:16
9 Tha Block 04:38
10 Blunt Prep 01:41
11 Yo Tree Ain’t Shit 01:47
12 Ooh Phuntane 03:49
13 Waist Between Yo Tights 04:08
14 Lock Out 00:47


“Releasin Game” is the third studio album by Phuntane, a rapper originating from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Released in 2001 by Rite-Chus Records, the album comprises 14 tracks that delve into the rapper’s experiences and unique hip-hop style. The album’s gangsta style embodies the essence of Southern hip-hop and showcases Phuntane’s versatility as an artist.

The album begins with “Lock In,” setting a powerful tone for the tracks to follow. Songs like “What They Tell Me” and “What She Workin Wit” display Phuntane’s skill in creating catchy hooks and memorable lyrics. “Bama Fool” pays homage to the rapper’s roots in Alabama, while the title track, “Releasin Game,” demonstrates his ability to deliver hard-hitting verses with confidence.

“The Interview” offers a more introspective look into the rapper’s life, followed by tracks like “No The Difference” and “Seek And Find” that explore themes of street wisdom and personal growth. “Tha Block” and “Blunt Prep” showcase Phuntane’s storytelling prowess, diving into the realities of life in the streets.

“Yo Tree Ain’t Shit” and “Ooh Phuntane” provide energetic beats and captivating flows, keeping listeners engaged throughout the album. “Waist Between Yo Tights” offers a sensual touch to the tracklist, and the album concludes with “Lock Out,” leaving listeners wanting more of Phuntane’s distinctive style.

“Releasin Game” is a powerful representation of Phuntane’s talents as a rapper and his ability to craft engaging and thought-provoking tracks, making it an essential listen for fans of Southern hip-hop.



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