Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh – “D” Rules The Nation


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1 Clap To This 04:11
2 This Is How We Do It 04:01
3 Call Somebody Else 04:10
4 Cindy 03:40
5 We Want The Funk 03:18
6 Buck Jump Time 03:53
7 Never Trust A Man 06:03
8 “D” Rules The Nation 03:36
9 Uzi Automatic 05:16
10 Sneak ‘Em 04:19
11 Hitman 04:35
12 V.D. Woman 04:37
13 Perfect 10 04:58


“D” Rules The Nation is a classic collaboration album that showcases the talents of MC Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh. The album was released in 1989 by Yo! Records and remains a fan favorite to this day. The duo, both hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, created a unique sound that blended elements of old-school hip hop with the emerging bounce music scene that was taking the city by storm.

The album features 13 tracks, each showcasing the duo’s distinctive style and approach to rap music. From the opening track “Clap To This” to the closing track “Perfect 10,” MC Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh prove themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Their rhymes are clever and witty, with a playful energy that is infectious.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “D Rules The Nation,” a catchy party anthem that celebrates the duo’s rise to fame and success. The song’s memorable hook and funky beat made it an instant classic and a fan favorite at parties and clubs across the country.

Another notable track on the album is “This Is How We Do It,” which showcases DJ Mannie Fresh’s skills as a producer and beatmaker. The song’s infectious beat and catchy hook made it a hit with fans and helped to establish DJ Mannie Fresh as one of the most talented producers in the game.

Overall, “D” Rules The Nation is a classic album that remains an important part of the history of hip hop and bounce music. MC Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh’s unique style and innovative approach to rap music helped to pave the way for future generations of artists and producers. The album is a must-listen for fans of old-school hip hop and anyone interested in the history of rap music.



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