Two Live Crew – Move Somthin’


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1 Introduction 00:53
2 Drop The Bomb 02:49
3 Move Somethin’ 03:27
4 Ghetto Bass II 04:25
5 With Your Badself 02:22
6 P-A-N 03:16
7 H-B-C 03:21
8 S & M 03:50
9 Do Wah Diddy 04:02
10 Word II 03:10
11 Feel Alright Yall 02:54
12 One And One 02:24
13 Mega-Mixx II 03:10


Move Somthin’ is a landmark album in the history of hip hop and Miami bass music, and the second studio album by the controversial rap group Two Live Crew from Miami, Florida. It was released on August 17, 1988, by Luke Skyywalker Records and features the iconic tracks “Move Somthin'” and “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”.

The album’s themes include sex, partying, and social commentary, and it contains explicit lyrics that caused it to be banned in some states and heavily censored in others. Nevertheless, Move Somthin’ went on to become a commercial success and helped to establish Two Live Crew as one of the most influential rap groups of the era.

Produced by the group’s founder and leader, Luther Campbell, Move Somthin’ features a high-energy blend of Miami bass, electro-funk, and old-school hip hop. The album showcases the raw and unapologetic style that Two Live Crew is known for, with lyrics that push the boundaries of what was acceptable in popular music at the time.

Move Somthin’ was a significant milestone in the career of Two Live Crew, and it paved the way for their later releases, including the controversial album As Nasty As They Wanna Be, which led to a high-profile obscenity trial in 1990.

Overall, Move Somthin’ is an important album in the history of hip hop and a must-listen for anyone interested in the development of Miami bass music and the evolution of rap in the late 1980s.



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