2 Live Crew / Rock On Crew – Deal With This


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1 Rock On Crew Serious Conversation 04:27
Featuring – New Born Clan
2 2 Live Crew Fresh Kid Ice Is Back 04:38
3 Rock On Crew Tab Ski Cuttin’ It Up 03:35
4 2 Live Crew Revelation 06:03
5 Rock On Crew Dead Ass Broke 03:47
6 Rock On Crew Free Style 03:23
7 2 Live Crew It’s Gotta Be Fresh 05:53
8 Rock On Crew Jack Boy Story 03:34
9 2 Live Crew What I Like (Instrumental) 04:35
10 2 Live Crew What I Like (Scratch) (Bonus) 07:03


In the early 1990s, 2 Live Crew and Rock On Crew were two of the most popular Miami bass groups, with both groups known for their energetic live shows and sexually explicit lyrics. “Deal With This” was released during the height of their popularity and helped to cement their status as pioneers of the Miami bass sound.

The album includes several collaborations between the two groups, with Rock On Crew providing the beats and production for 2 Live Crew’s tracks “Fresh Kid Ice Is Back” and “It’s Gotta Be Fresh.” The album also features a number of instrumental tracks, including “What I Like (Instrumental)” by 2 Live Crew and “Tab Ski Cuttin’ It Up” by Rock On Crew.

Although “Deal With This” wasn’t as commercially successful as some of the groups’ previous releases, it remains a favorite among fans of Miami bass and early hip-hop. The album is a testament to the raw, unapologetic sound that both groups were known for, and it continues to influence artists in the genre to this day.



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