Babyface P. – Da Reason 4 Comin’ 2 California Da Cheddar


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1 Pocket Full Of Cheese 04:30
2 Never Let Her Go 03:47
3 Game Laced 03:26
4 So Damn Hard 03:39
5 Whatever U Do 05:15
6 Crossfire 04:14
7 Keep It On Pimpin’ 03:22
8 Ain’t Nothing Wrong 04:03
9 What Ya Won’t 02:52
10 Don’t F/W My D*P* 05:09
11 Till Da Break Of Dawn 04:18
12 Ass Backwards 04:40
13 It Don’t Stop 05:00
14 Thinks I Seen 03:50
15 I Don’t Won’t 2 Be Alone 04:46


“Da Reason 4 Comin’ 2 California Da Cheddar” is a rare album by Oakland-based rapper Babyface P., originally hailing from Mobile, Alabama. Released in 2003 under the What Ya Won’t Records label, this album showcases Babyface P.’s southern roots blended with the distinctive West Coast sound, offering a unique fusion of gangsta rap and G-funk styles.

The 15-track album takes listeners on a journey through Babyface P.’s experiences, providing a glimpse into his life and the motivations behind his move to California. Kicking off with “Pocket Full Of Cheese,” the album instantly sets the tone with its catchy beats and Babyface P.’s smooth flow, highlighting his lyrical prowess.

Tracks like “Never Let Her Go” and “Game Laced” demonstrate the rapper’s versatility, effortlessly transitioning from laid-back melodies to hard-hitting verses. “So Damn Hard” and “Whatever U Do” showcase Babyface P.’s ability to create relatable narratives, exploring the struggles and triumphs of life in the streets.

“Crossfire” and “Keep It On Pimpin'” offer a classic West Coast vibe, while “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” and “What Ya Won’t” provide a taste of Babyface P.’s southern influences. The album continues to deliver captivating tracks, such as “Don’t F/W My DP” and “Till Da Break Of Dawn,” showcasing the rapper’s storytelling abilities and engaging wordplay.

“Ass Backwards” and “It Don’t Stop” keep the energy high, while “Thinks I Seen” and “I Don’t Won’t 2 Be Alone” provide introspective moments that round out the album, offering a diverse listening experience that appeals to fans of both southern rap and West Coast hip-hop.

“Da Reason 4 Comin’ 2 California Da Cheddar” is a must-listen for fans of rare rap gems, offering a unique blend of styles that showcases Babyface P.’s undeniable talent.



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