Luke – Banned In The U.S.A. (The Luke LP)


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1 Banned In The U.S.A. 04:25
2 News Flash “People In The News” 00:16
3 Man, Not A Myth 03:52
4 News Flash “350 Men” 00:28
5 F–k Martinez 05:16
6 News Flash “Super Snoop” 00:11
7 Strip Club 03:17
8 News Flash “Nation By Storm” 00:09
9 Do The Bart 04:22
10 In Color-Men On Records 00:39
11 Face Down A– Up 03:01
12 Hey Jack! 00:55
13 Bass 9-1-7 04:43
14 So Funky 04:58
15 News Flash “Poll Results” 00:11
16 Mamolapenga 03:01
17 Video No Soul 00:11
18 I Ain’t Bulls–tin’ Part 2 06:42
19 Commercial‒Nasty M.F.’s 00:16
20 This Is To Luke From The Posse 05:15
21 News Flash‒British Youth 00:13
22 F–k A Gang 03:56
23 Commercial‒Inquiring Minds 00:08
24 Arrest In Effect 03:26
25 Mega Mix IV 03:33


“Banned In The U.S.A. (The Luke LP)” is the third studio album by American rapper Luther Campbell, better known as Luke. The album was released in 1990 under Luke Records and was initially banned due to its explicit content, but eventually went on to achieve commercial success.

The album features guest appearances from several notable artists such as Ice-T, 2 Live Crew, and Poison Clan, among others. It also contains some of Luke’s most popular songs, including “Banned In The U.S.A.”, “I Wanna Rock”, and “The Cowgirl Song”.

Overall, “Banned In The U.S.A. (The Luke LP)” is considered to be a classic album in the history of hip-hop, as it played a significant role in the debate over censorship and the freedom of artistic expression. However, it is important to note that the album contains explicit content and may not be suitable for all listeners.



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