C.O.D. – Cummin’ Out Doggin’

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1 Intro 00:30
2 Clever Word 05:44
3 Black & Gold Strategy 03:43
4 Fulla Dem Games 04:28
5 Out There Bad 02:33


“Cummin’ Out Doggin'” is a quintessential example of early 90s Houston hip-hop. C.O.D. (Creators of Devastation) showcases their distinctive style on this EP, which includes a mix of gangsta and conscious rap. The group’s sharp lyrical skills and powerful delivery are on full display, with each member bringing their own unique voice to the project.

The production on the EP is also noteworthy, with hard-hitting beats and funky samples that give the tracks an extra layer of depth. The group’s use of samples from various genres, including funk and soul, helps to create a unique sound that is distinctly Houston.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is “Clever Word,” which features a laid-back, jazzy instrumental and a smooth, melodic hook. The group’s lyrics on this track are sharp and introspective, discussing the importance of using language thoughtfully and avoiding empty rhetoric.

Another highlight is “Out There Bad,” a hard-hitting track that features a driving, funky beat and lyrics about the harsh realities of street life. The group’s delivery is particularly strong on this track, with each member rapping with a sense of urgency and intensity.

Overall, “Cummin’ Out Doggin'” is a must-listen for fans of old-school hip-hop, and a testament to the early Houston rap scene. The EP’s blend of gritty street tales and socially conscious lyrics, combined with its unique production style, makes it a standout project from this era of rap.

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