J-Mac – Bo$$ Hoggin


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1 Intro 00:57
2 Let The Dawgs Out 04:07
Featuring – Deshannon McAllister
3 Listen To My Tek 03:52
4 Movin Up 03:19
Featuring – C. Murphy
5 Bo$$ Hoggin (St. Louis Anthem) 03:42
6 No Love 04:39
Featuring – Big T
7 Lac Ridin 01:58
8 187 Wayz 04:37
9 Clickin Up 05:25
Featuring – Ska-Face Al Kapone
10 Southern Pro’s 03:20
11 Confession 04:39
Featuring – Family Thugs
12 Give It To Me Raw 03:59
13 314 03:55
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14 Boss Hoggin 03:35
Featuring – Big Dank
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15 F#@! Friends 04:14
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16 Kompound II 04:05
Featuring – Big Dank, Black, Moneygreen
17 Dedications 04:46


“Bo$$ Hoggin” is the debut studio album by rapper J-Mac from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released in 1998 under Pup Dog Records, the album showcases a blend of Southern hip-hop and Gangsta styles that were popular during the late 1990s. The album features 17 tracks, with J-Mac’s smooth flow and captivating storytelling taking center stage.

The album kicks off with the “Intro,” which sets the mood for the record. The second track, “Let The Dawgs Out,” featuring Deshannon McAllister on vocals, offers a catchy hook that showcases J-Mac’s lyrical prowess. “Listen To My Tek” and “Movin Up,” featuring C. Murphy, continue the energetic vibe of the album.

“Bo$$ Hoggin (St. Louis Anthem)” serves as the album’s centerpiece, reflecting J-Mac’s pride in his hometown. “No Love,” featuring Big T, slows down the pace with its introspective lyrics and soulful vocals. Other standout tracks include “187 Wayz,” “Clickin Up,” featuring Ska-Face Al Kapone, and “Confession,” with Family Thugs.

The album’s production is handled by various producers, including Alkatraz, Ardel Allen, Lil Roeshelle Robinson, and O.G. Groove, giving the album a diverse sound that complements J-Mac’s versatile flow.

“Bo$$ Hoggin” is a testament to J-Mac’s talent as a rapper and his ability to deliver engaging storytelling through his music. This debut album from the Little Rock, Arkansas artist is a must-listen for fans of late ’90s Southern hip-hop and Gangsta rap.

For those seeking to discover hidden gems from the late ’90s hip-hop scene, “Bo$$ Hoggin” is a rewarding listen that showcases J-Mac’s lyrical abilities and unique style.



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