Birmingham J – Still A Star


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1 Intro (James Hollis) 01:36
2 Weed Smoke 03:54
3 Boulevard 04:15
4 Hustlas And Cap Pellas 03:35
5 I Don’t Love Nann 04:29
6 Me….Umma Pimp 04:05
7 Only If I Have 2 03:53
8 Sip & Lean 03:16
9 See Ya Dance 04:13
10 $1000 Spot 04:22
11 Dreams 03:52
12 Watchin’ 04:09
13 Magic City 04:51
14 Where It At 04:16
15 Circle Again 04:07
16 Damn It Feels Good (Gangsta) 04:09
17 F**k Bein Loved 05:05
18 Outro (James Hollis) 01:43
19 Bonus Track 03:42


“Still A Star” is the second studio album by rapper Birmingham J from Birmingham, Alabama. Released on September 28, 2004, under the Kottage Boy Entertainment label, this album showcases Birmingham J’s unique style and Southern hip-hop flavor. With a mix of gangsta rap and smooth beats, “Still A Star” solidifies Birmingham J’s presence in the hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Intro (James Hollis),” setting the stage for a collection of 18 tracks that blend storytelling, swagger, and raw energy. Songs like “Weed Smoke,” “Boulevard,” and “Hustlas And Cap Pellas” demonstrate Birmingham J’s ability to craft catchy hooks and engaging verses that keep listeners hooked from beginning to end.

“I Don’t Love Nann” and “Me… Umma Pimp” showcase Birmingham J’s confident and unapologetic persona, while tracks like “Only If I Have 2” and “Sip & Lean” provide a glimpse into the rapper’s introspective side. “See Ya Dance” and “$1000 Spot” are perfect examples of Birmingham J’s versatility, blending elements of club and street music.

“Dreams” and “Watchin'” highlight the rapper’s storytelling abilities, capturing the struggles and aspirations of life on the streets. “Magic City” and “Where It At” pay homage to Birmingham J’s hometown, showcasing his pride and connection to the city that raised him.

The album closes with “Damn It Feels Good (Gangsta)” and “F**k Bein Loved,” reinforcing Birmingham J’s commitment to his authentic and uncompromising style. “Outro (James Hollis)” wraps up the album, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Birmingham J’s undeniable talent.

“Still A Star” is a testament to Birmingham J’s growth as an artist and his ability to craft memorable hip-hop tracks that resonate with fans from all walks of life.



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