Inkognito – Changing Da Game


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1 Key To My City 04:09
Featuring – Big Keys
2 Gritten 04:42
Featuring – Big Keys
3 Wanna Know Me Now 03:47
Featuring – Playboy Shane
4 I Luv It 04:31
Featuring – Jelly Roll
5 Rollin Now 03:51
Featuring – Don Blaze, Playboy Shane
6 Back Up On My Note 05:03
Featuring – D-Gotti, Playboy Shane
7 Swang & Bang On Em 04:31
8 Set Of Dubs 04:49
Featuring – Playboy Shane
9 Bleedin Blocks 04:13
10 Trip Thru My City 05:03
Featuring – Big Keys
11 Skit 00:35
12 Ya Heard Dat 04:18
Featuring – Messy Marv
13 Daily Prayer 04:28
Featuring – D-Gotti, Dirty Dollar
14 Swang & Bang on Em (Chopped & Thown) 05:07
15 Key to My City (Chopped & Thown) 04:52
Featuring – Big Keys
16 Rollin Now (Chopped & Thown) 04:25
Featuring – Don Blaze, Playboy Shane
17 Back Up On My Note (Chopped & Thown) 05:23
Featuring – D-Gotti, Playboy Shane


“Changing Da Game” is a studio album by Inkognito, a talented rapper hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released on October 14, 2003, under Ball Hawg Records, this special edition album showcases Inkognito’s unique take on gangsta rap, blending gritty lyrics with infectious beats that capture the essence of Southern hip-hop.

The album features 13 original tracks and four bonus cuts, all chopped and thrown for an additional twist. Collaborating with a diverse lineup of artists such as Big Keys, Infamous Doe, and Messy Marv, Inkognito’s “Changing Da Game” takes listeners on a sonic journey through the streets of Little Rock.

Kicking off with “Key To My City,” Inkognito sets the tone for an album that delves into street life, ambition, and personal struggles. Tracks like “Gritten” and “Wanna Know Me Now” showcase his raw talent and lyrical prowess, while songs like “I Luv It” and “Rollin Now” demonstrate his ability to create catchy hooks and unforgettable melodies.

Inkognito doesn’t shy away from collaboration, as evidenced by tracks such as “Back Up On My Note” and “Swang & Bang On Em,” where he teams up with fellow rappers to create a powerful and immersive listening experience.

“Changing Da Game” concludes with four bonus cuts, offering chopped and thrown versions of some of the album’s standout tracks. This special edition album is a testament to Inkognito’s versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of Southern hip-hop.



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