Project Dawgs – When Game Unfoldz


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1 Intro (Welcome 2 Dark Hollow) 00:51
2 Project Dawgz 04:09
3 Hot In These Streetz 04:10
4 Please Pray 4 Me 04:11
5 What’z Beef (Stop & Think) 04:12
6 Who’z Car Is This 05:10
7 Rize Up 04:24
8 2200 04:31
9 Plugged Wit 04:19
10 Ratted Out 04:30
11 Playa Ha 03:55
12 If Ya Gon’ Ride 04:15
13 Ole Boy 05:41
14 Remember Me 04:42
Featuring – Rocka Moe
15 When Game Unfoldz 03:42
16 Bomb Shit 03:37
Featuring – Ms. Dee
17 Off Tha Chain 04:44


“When Game Unfoldz” is the debut album by Little Rock, Arkansas-based rap group Project Dawgs. Released on September 26, 2000, under the label Dark Hollow Entertainment, the album showcases the group’s talent in the Gangsta style of Hip Hop.

The album features 17 tracks, kicking off with “Intro (Welcome 2 Dark Hollow)” and diving straight into the group’s signature sound with “Project Dawgs.” Throughout the album, Project Dawgs demonstrate their versatility with tracks like “Hot In These Streetz,” “Please Pray 4 Me,” and “What’z Beef (Stop & Think).”

The group also explores various themes, such as life on the streets, personal struggles, and the importance of loyalty. Songs like “Rize Up,” “2200,” and “Plugged Wit” display the group’s lyrical abilities and passion for their craft. Collaboration with Rocka Moe on “Remember Me” and Ms. Dee on “Bomb Shit” adds another layer of depth to the album.

The production for “When Game Unfoldz” is handled by Ardell Allen, Tank West, and Tyrone “T.O.” Oliver, who create a cohesive and captivating sound. The album is engineered and mixed by Ardell Allen and Tyrone “T.O.” Oliver, with executive production credits going to Boss-1, Corn Wiskey, and Dennis “Dee Cee” Carroll.

With its gritty, street-wise lyrics and captivating beats, “When Game Unfoldz” is a solid debut from Project Dawgs, offering a unique perspective from the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas.



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