Attitude – Serious Times


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1 Playa Named Attitude 04:50
2 Reality 03:10
3 I Luv My Moma 04:05
4 Let’em Know 03:39
5 Different Soil 03:59
6 Livin’ Crooked (Prelude) 00:27
7 Serious Times 03:29
8 Ignorant Mans “Theme” 00:40
9 So High 04:41
10 Lost Souls 04:18
11 Livin’ Crooked 02:11
12 Heavy On My Mind 04:07
13 My Shit 03:57
14 Paper Chase 04:01
15 Funkassmothafuckinbeat 04:01
16 When Lightning Strikes 03:16
17 Chronicles Of A Madman 03:42
18 Bonus Track 04:48


“Serious Times” is the only studio album by rapper Attitude, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Released on July 1, 1997, by Chip Records, the album showcases Attitude’s Gangsta hip-hop style and highlights the rapper’s versatile skills and insightful lyrics.

The 18-track album features memorable songs such as “Playa Named Attitude,” “Reality,” “I Luv My Moma,” and the title track, “Serious Times.” The album also includes a hidden bonus track, which is not mentioned on the release, providing fans with an unexpected treat. Throughout the album, Attitude presents a unique perspective on life, addressing themes of love, hardships, and introspection.

“Serious Times” boasts the contributions of talented musicians and producers, including Erskin (E-Lo) Milton on bass, Kelvin Nalls on drums, Dennis Montford and Kelvin (K-K) Nalls on keyboards, and lead guitar by Dennis Montford and Erskin (E-Lo) Milton. The album’s production is credited to Dennis Montford, Kelvin (K-K) Nalls, T. Spruill (Cain), Erskin (E-Lo) Milton, and Tim (Attitude).

Engineered and mixed by Dennis Montford and Kelvin (K-K) Nalls, “Serious Times” captures the essence of late ’90s hip-hop, particularly in the Southern United States. The album is a testament to the talent and creativity of Attitude, with its compelling storytelling and unique sound.

“Serious Times” is a must-listen for fans of Gangsta hip-hop, and it remains an important addition to the collections of those who appreciate the genre’s evolution and history.



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