Ghetto Felo Steelo (G.F.S.) – Ol’ Southern


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Ol’ Southern 04:31
2 Next Day 03:55
3 Two Gee (2,000) 04:49
4 Souljah Song 03:49


“Ol’ Southern” is a maxi-single by rap group Ghetto Felo Steelo (G.F.S.) from Mobile, Alabama. Released in 1998 on cassette tape only, this rare release is a gem for collectors of Southern hip-hop and G-funk aficionados. Distributed by Above Them Waters Entertainment, the maxi-single showcases G.F.S.’s unique blend of gangsta and G-funk styles.

Featuring four tracks, “Ol’ Southern” offers listeners a glimpse into the group’s talent and prowess within the hip-hop scene. The songs “Ol’ Southern” and “Next Day” on Side A showcase G.F.S.’s southern rap roots, while “Two Gee (2,000)” and “Souljah Song” on Side B delve into the G-funk style that the group is known for.

As a cassette-only release, “Ol’ Southern” is an exclusive treasure for fans of G.F.S. and the Southern hip-hop genre. Its rarity makes it a sought-after item among hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors alike. The maxi-single provides a snapshot of G.F.S.’s unique style and sound, offering a small yet impactful taste of their contribution to the late ’90s hip-hop scene.

If you’re a fan of Southern hip-hop and G-funk, “Ol’ Southern” by Ghetto Felo Steelo is a must-listen. Its raw, authentic sound and gritty lyrics perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the late ’90s hip-hop scene in the South.


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