Skulla B – The Ghettozette


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1 Got Me Faded 05:50
Featuring – T. Buggs
2 Baccwood Pimpin 04:23
Featuring – El Dog Hoggs
3 Just Another Day 05:12
Featuring – Deebo
4 Freedom & Bucket 05:24
Featuring – Deebo
5 21 Legal 04:06
Featuring – L.C.
6 PJK 04:08
7 Lye-Eisha 04:54
Featuring – Deebo, G. Tee, L.C.
8 Makin Money 04:27
Featuring – Killawayne
9 Conspiracy & Razorburn 04:38
Featuring – Disguiser, Lil Lo
10 Ghetto Superstar 03:45
Featuring – G. Tee, T. Dawn
11 Seeds In The Garden 04:29
Featuring – Deebo
12 Who’s Representin 05:25
13 Country Boogie 04:54
Featuring – Big Bone, Jed
14 Hardtimes 03:58
Featuring – Big Bone, Sonny Boy
15 Fishing 04:18
Featuring – El Dog Hoggs


“The Ghettozette” is the only studio album by rapper Skulla B from El Dorado, Arkansas. Released in 2000 by El Dog Records, this album showcases Skulla B’s unique gangsta rap style while featuring various artists that contribute to the album’s diverse sound. The 15-track album takes listeners on a journey through Skulla B’s life experiences and offers an authentic look into the world of Southern hip-hop.

The album opens with “Got Me Faded,” featuring T. Buggs, setting the stage for Skulla B’s distinctive sound and lyrical prowess. As the album progresses, tracks like “Baccwood Pimpin” and “Just Another Day” provide listeners with vivid storytelling and a deeper understanding of the rapper’s background and environment.

Collaborations are a significant part of “The Ghettozette,” with tracks such as “Freedom & Bucket,” “21 Legal,” and “Lye-Eisha” showcasing Skulla B’s chemistry with fellow artists like Deebo, G. Tee, and L.C. These collaborations not only enhance the album’s overall appeal but also emphasize Skulla B’s ability to adapt his style to work with various talents.

Songs like “Ghetto Superstar” and “Seeds In The Garden” deliver a combination of introspective lyrics and infectious beats, highlighting Skulla B’s versatility and skill as a rapper. The album concludes with “Fishing,” a collaboration with El Dog Hoggs, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and solidifying Skulla B’s place in the hip-hop world.

“The Ghettozette” stands as a testament to Skulla B’s talent and potential in the rap game, offering a unique blend of gangsta rap and Southern hip-hop that leaves fans eager for more.



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