Philmac – P-Funk


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1 The P-Funk Intro 02:58
2 Illegal 04:27
3 Who’s The Mack 04:47
4 Let Me Introduce Myself (Interlude) 01:55
5 P-Funk 04:15
6 Highhh 05:57
7 Pimp Of The Year 04:32
8 Club Booty Shake (Interlude) 01:22
9 Superfreak 05:35
10 Where I Dwell 05:17
11 Prophecy 04:53
12 For None Of Dem Hoes 06:18
13 Superfreak (Remix) 03:46
14 It Ain’t Over Yet (Interlude) 00:58


“P-Funk” is the one and only studio album by rapper Philmac, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Released in 1998 under Phunky Entertainment, the album boasts a blend of Gangsta hip-hop style that typifies the late ’90s rap scene.

The 14-track album showcases Philmac’s lyrical prowess and unique sound, with tracks like “Illegal,” “Who’s The Mack,” “P-Funk,” and “Highhh” standing out among the rest. The album also features a few interludes such as “Let Me Introduce Myself,” “Club Booty Shake,” and “It Ain’t Over Yet,” adding variety and depth to the project.

With Philmac’s real name being Philip McAdams, the album title “P-Funk” cleverly pays homage to his first name and the funky nature of his music. The album’s themes revolve around street life, personal experiences, and the party scene.

“P-Funk” captures the essence of late ’90s hip-hop with its gritty beats and catchy hooks. Philmac’s unique delivery and storytelling ability are on full display, making this album an engaging listen for hip-hop enthusiasts who appreciate the era’s distinct sound.

The album’s artwork and production come together to create a cohesive project that showcases Philmac’s talents as an artist. While “P-Funk” remains Philmac’s only studio album, it serves as a testament to his skills as a rapper and his contribution to the hip-hop landscape during that time.

For fans of late ’90s Gangsta hip-hop, “P-Funk” is a must-listen. The album demonstrates Philmac’s ability to create engaging and memorable music, making it a valuable addition to any hip-hop fan’s collection.



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