G Man – Collector’s Item


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1 Beatdown Ya Trunk 04:06
Featuring – J.Q.
2 Grease Lightning 04:19
Featuring – Chubb Fresh, J.Q.
3 13 04:02
4 Eternal 03:15
5 Bounce 03:54
Featuring – J.Q., Whyze Up
6 Brang My Skrill 04:02
Featuring – L Dog
7 Lay It Down 04:53
Featuring – J.Q.
8 Talkin’ Shit 03:11
9 Untouchable 04:40
10 After Dark 05:14
Featuring – Chubb Fresh, J.Q.
11 Pot Liquor 05:55
12 Life 04:14
Featuring – Lil’ Oates
13 Can U Feel It 07:22
Featuring – 350, Lil’ Oates, Meech Rock Ski, Shana, Spyda Man
14 Get Down 03:42
15 The Stripper’s Anthem 04:46


“Collector’s Item” is the second studio album by Florence, Alabama rapper G Man. Released on October 10, 2000, by Straight Off Da Chain Records, the album brings together G Man’s distinctive Hip Hop style and diverse collaborations, offering a unique listening experience.

The 15-track album kicks off with “Beatdown Ya Trunk,” featuring J.Q., and maintains high energy throughout with tracks like “Grease Lightning,” which includes guest appearances by Chubb Fresh and J.Q. Other standout tracks include “Eternal,” “Bounce” featuring J.Q. and Whyze Up, and “Untouchable.”

Collaborations on the album also feature L Dog on “Brang My Skrill,” Lil’ Oates on “Life,” and a multi-artist track “Can U Feel It,” with 350, Lil’ Oates, Meech Rock Ski, Shana, and Spyda Man, showcasing G Man’s ability to work seamlessly with various artists.

The album’s production is mainly handled by Chubb Fresh, with G Man himself contributing to the production of the track “Lay It Down.” The album’s copyright is held by Straight Off Da Chain Records, and the glass mastering is done at DADC.

“Collector’s Item” showcases G Man’s growth as an artist since his debut and highlights his skills in the Hip Hop genre. With its strong tracks and collaborations, the album solidifies G Man’s place in the Hip Hop scene of the early 2000s.



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