Phuntane – Never Say Never


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1 Intro 02:30
2 It’s My Time To Shine 03:52
3 For My Niggaz 04:55
4 That Dirty South 03:55
5 Representin 03:59
6 Never Say Never 03:40
7 Interlude 1 02:10
8 Street Loyalty 03:35
9 Dear Lord 05:49
10 Interlude 2 02:53
11 In These Streets 04:14
12 Survive 03:19
13 Playa Hatas 04:33
14 Outro 02:07


“Never Say Never” is the debut studio album by rapper Phuntane from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Released in 1999 under Rite-Chus Records, the album showcases a blend of Southern hip-hop and Gangsta rap styles that were making waves during the late ’90s. The 14-track album highlights Phuntane’s lyrical skills, his ability to collaborate with other artists, and his unique voice in the hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “N-2 My Eyez,” featuring Walt Sweezy, setting the tone for the record with its hard-hitting beats and raw lyrics. “My Time” and “4-My Niggaz,” also featuring Walt Sweezy, continue the energetic vibe with catchy hooks and powerful verses.

“Dirty South,” featuring Realla-Rolla and Walt Sweezy, is a nod to the Southern hip-hop sound that was dominating the charts during that time. “Hear It From A G,” featuring Realla-Rolla, and the titular track “Never Say Never” display Phuntane’s storytelling abilities and introspective lyrics.

Other standout tracks include “Hatin Ass Niggaz,” featuring Low Key Crenshaw and Walt Sweezy, “Luv 4 My Thugz (Thoughts Of Hamisi),” and “A Lesson Before Dying,” featuring Big “C” Mo. The album closes with “Rolling,” a collaboration with Big “C” Mo and Walt Sweezy that showcases Phuntane’s versatility as a rapper.

“Never Say Never” is a compelling debut album that captures the essence of late ’90s hip-hop, spotlighting Phuntane’s talent and potential as a rapper. The album is a must-listen for fans of Southern hip-hop and Gangsta rap.

For those who appreciate late ’90s hip-hop and are eager to explore lesser-known gems, “Never Say Never” is an engaging listen that demonstrates Phuntane’s skills and unique style.



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