Da Deucez – Carry Yo State Flag


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1 N-Tro 01:35
2 Front Porch Convo 04:16
3 Cadillacs, Pimp Hatz & Gold Teeth 03:52
Featuring – T.Brown
4 Actual Factz 03:44
5 2000 (Skit) 06:41
6 Call Dat B#t*ch 04:57
7 Keep On Livin 01:05
8 Mad At Me 03:33
9 Walkin Thru Da Cementary 03:53
Featuring – Nutt-So
10 State Flag 03:31
11 Burn Dat Shit 03:53
Featuring – Lil Big, Otis & Shug
12 All Aspects 05:00
13 Block Party 04:35
14 International Playaz 04:39
15 Pay My Respects 04:43
Featuring – D.White
16 Here 2Day 04:05
17 The Final Shot 07:32
Featuring – The Ballclub


“Carry Yo State Flag” is the one and only studio album by rap group Da Deucez hailing from El Dorado, Arkansas. Released in 2000 under the Block Party Entertainment label, this album delves into the Hip Hop genre, presenting the unique style and sound of Da Deucez.

Consisting of 17 tracks, “Carry Yo State Flag” starts with the “N-Tro” and takes listeners on a journey through the group’s experiences and perspectives. Memorable tracks include “Front Porch Convo,” “Cadillacs, Pimp Hatz & Gold Teeth,” featuring T.Brown, and “Walkin Thru Da Cementary” with Nutt-So. The group showcases their versatility and talent, creating a captivating listening experience.

Da Deucez, made up of Tre Deuce and Dre Deuce, have extended family members like Mighty Joe and Fel Cognito, who contribute to their unique sound. The group is also known by the alternate name Duce Life Country Cousinz and is a part of the 662 Ball Club.

Throughout the album, Da Deucez touch upon themes such as resilience in “Keep On Livin,” addressing haters in “Mad At Me,” and paying homage to their roots in the titular track “State Flag.” The album’s production is a testament to the group’s dedication to their craft and the authenticity of their sound.

With “Carry Yo State Flag,” Da Deucez deliver a powerful and memorable album that showcases their talent and passion for hip-hop, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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