Birmingham J – Da Neighborhood Superstar


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1 Kottage Boy (Intro) 01:09
2 Money N Tha Ghetto 04:13
3 Holdin Back Tha Tears 03:58
4 Where Ya At 04:10
5 Bill 10 03:08
6 Get Behind Her 04:15
7 Woodgrain 03:31
8 Keep Runnin Yo Mouth 04:10
Featuring – Lil’ Jon
9 Out Of Control 03:20
10 Whutz Up Ni! 04:14
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11 I`m So Ghetty (I’m The Best) 04:02
Featuring – Flotty, Sean Paul
12 Neighborhood Superstars (Interlude) 01:01
13 Neighborhood Superstars 04:14
14 Living Fast, Dying Young 04:07
15 Gator 04:26
16 Gimme Dat 03:58
17 Old Cars 04:16
18 Look At Us (Hey Y’all) 03:50
19 Kottage Boy (Outro) 01:44


“Da Neighborhood Superstar” is the second studio album by Birmingham J, a rapper hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Released on June 17, 2003, by Kottage Boy Entertainment, the album presents a collection of 19 tracks that showcase Birmingham J’s unique hip-hop style and Southern roots.

The album kicks off with “Kottage Boy Intro,” setting the tone for a diverse range of tracks that follow. “Money N Tha Ghetto” and “Holdin Back Tha Tears” explore themes of struggle and survival in urban environments. “Where Ya At?” and “Bill 10” deliver catchy beats and memorable hooks, while “Get Behind Her” and “Woodgrain” showcase Birmingham J’s knack for storytelling.

“Keep Runnin Yo Mouth” features a collaboration with Lil’ Jon, adding an energetic touch to the album. “Out of Control” and “Whutz Up Ni!” continue to display Birmingham J’s lyrical prowess and engaging flow. “I’m So Ghetty (I’m The Best)” features Flotty and Sean Paul, enhancing the album’s collaborative spirit.

The album’s title track, “Neighborhood Superstars,” is introduced by an interlude and showcases Birmingham J’s skill and confidence as a rapper. “Living Fast, Dying Young” and “Gator” touch on themes of ambition and the risks that come with it. “Gimme Dat” and “Old Cars” further highlight Birmingham J’s unique style, and the album closes with the celebratory “Look At Us (Hey Y’all)” and “Kottage Boy Outro.”

“Da Neighborhood Superstar” offers a dynamic and captivating listening experience, cementing Birmingham J’s place as a talented rapper and storyteller in the hip-hop scene.



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