Various – Juan C Presents Product Of The Streets, Vol. 2


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1 Ever Known 04:22
Featuring – Juan C
2 Ready 03:06
Featuring – Juan C
3 It’s Ville 03:18
Featuring – Juan C
4 If U Gotta 03:31
Featuring – Juan C
5 Monsta 03:21
Featuring – Juan C, Mike Mac
6 IV Give Me 02:43
Featuring – Juan C
7 Like This 03:16
Featuring – Juan C
8 4 Da Moment 03:39
Featuring – No Rookies, Juan C, Marley G
9 100 04:56
Featuring – Motives Are Sincere, Juan C, J-Studda
10 Friends 04:10
Featuring – Juan C, Mike Mac
11 Loner 04:00
Featuring – Juan C, Marley Guwop
12 I’ll Be 02:06
Featuring – Juan C, J-Studda
13 Circle Of Ridaz 03:24
Featuring – A Dizzle, Juan C
14 Where Were You 05:00
Featuring – A Dizzle, Doobie Loc, Turf Hogg
15 Fucc It 03:00
Featuring – Mr. Lazy
16 NawfSide Luv 03:57
Featuring – Juan C, Mike Mac, J-Studda
17 One Life 03:52
Featuring – LaTi Solo, Ebony Yvette
18 Doing Great 06:04
Featuring – Slimm-Co, Drag Deniro, Leezy Pouncil
19 We Gone Make It 03:58
Featuring – Slimm-Co
20 Colorado Summer 03:06
Featuring – Juan C, Mr. Lazy


“Juan C Presents Product Of The Streets, Vol. 2” is a compilation album released on February 15, 2019, by THFAR ENT, featuring various artists from the hip-hop scene. Curated by Juan C, this 20-track collection showcases an array of talented rappers, offering listeners a diverse range of styles and themes that capture the essence of street life and the challenges faced by the artists.

The compilation opens with “Ever Known” and continues with tracks like “Ready,” “It’s Ville,” and “If U Gotta,” all featuring Juan C. These tracks set the tone for the album, highlighting the gritty, raw nature of street life and the determination of the artists involved.

“Monsta,” featuring Juan C and Mike Mac, is a standout track that showcases their lyrical prowess, while “IV Give Me” and “Like This” delve into personal struggles and emotions. “4 Da Moment” brings together No Rookies, Juan C, and Marley G for a powerful collaboration, followed by “100,” featuring Motives Are Sincere, Juan C, and J-Studda.

“Friends” and “Loner” explore relationships and the complexities of trust, while tracks like “I’ll Be” and “Circle Of Ridaz” showcase the importance of loyalty and camaraderie. “Where Were You,” “Fucc It,” and “NawfSide Luv” further highlight the diverse range of themes and styles present in the compilation.

The album concludes with “One Life,” “Doing Great,” “We Gone Make It,” and “Colorado Summer,” offering a mix of introspection, inspiration, and reflection. Overall, “Juan C Presents Product Of The Streets, Vol. 2” provides a snapshot of the talent and creativity present in the hip-hop community, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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