Dae Dot – I Go Loko (Final Chapter)


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1 Against The System 02:09
2 I Can’t Control It 02:32
Featuring – NDO
3 Back On The Block 04:12
4 The Bottom 02:06
5 Flavor 02:10
6 Ysl 02:18
7 Loaded 01:56
8 Nobody Perfect 03:12
9 Expensive Taste 01:58
10 All The Above 02:21
11 My Dawgs 02:37
12 Dripping & Splashing 03:53
Featuring – Compton Menace, Joe Peshi, Pablo El Chapo
13 Disrespect 02:04
14 Rockstar 02:10
15 That Nigga 02:34
16 Worst Nightmare Pt 2 03:28


“I Go Loko (Final Chapter)” is a mixtape by Chicago-based rapper Dae Dot, released on April 20, 2019, under the LokoWorld Ent label. This collection of 16 tracks showcases Dae Dot’s versatile skills as a rapper and features collaborations with NDO, Compton Menace, Joe Peshi, and Pablo El Chapo.

The mixtape starts with “Against The System,” a powerful opener that highlights Dae Dot’s ability to address social issues in his music. The second track, “I Can’t Control It,” features NDO and showcases the rappers’ chemistry, resulting in a catchy tune. “Back On The Block” follows with a more laid-back vibe, while “The Bottom” delves into Dae Dot’s introspective side.

“Flavor” and “Ysl” keep the energy high, demonstrating Dae Dot’s skill in creating infectious hooks. “Loaded” and “Nobody Perfect” provide a glimpse into the rapper’s personal struggles, while “Expensive Taste” showcases his ambition and aspirations.

Dae Dot delivers a powerful message in “All The Above,” followed by “My Dawgs,” a track dedicated to his close friends. “Dripping & Splashing” is a standout collaboration featuring Compton Menace, Joe Peshi, and Pablo El Chapo, adding diversity to the mixtape’s sound.

“Disrespect” and “Rockstar” showcase Dae Dot’s ability to switch between different rap styles seamlessly. “That Nigga” highlights the rapper’s confidence in his skills, and the mixtape concludes with “Worst Nightmare Pt 2,” a strong finale to the collection.

“I Go Loko (Final Chapter)” is a testament to Dae Dot’s prowess as a rapper and his ability to blend various hip-hop styles while collaborating with talented artists, making this mixtape a must-listen for hip-hop fans.



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