Finale – 62


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1 62 01:18
2 F.A.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. 02:52
Featuring – Illa J
3 Bad Apple Syndrome 02:56
4 The Constants 04:28
Featuring – Cleveland P Jones
5 Said What I Said 01:27
6 Freedom Fighters 02:53
7 F.A.M.I.L.Y. 02:55
8 Risk Vs. Reward 03:12
9 62 (Beat Fanatic Remix) 01:41
Featuring – Beat Fanatic


“62” is a captivating album by Detroit, Michigan rapper Finale, released on December 6, 2019, by Just Rap. This 9-track project is a testament to Finale’s exceptional lyrical prowess and his ability to collaborate with talented artists such as Illa J, Cleveland P Jones, and Beat Fanatic. The album is an engaging blend of thought-provoking lyrics, smooth beats, and powerful storytelling that showcases Finale’s unique voice within the hip-hop landscape.

The album kicks off with the title track “62,” a brief but compelling introduction to the project’s overall theme. “F.A.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D.” follows, featuring Illa J, and delves into the challenges and rewards of fatherhood, highlighting Finale’s vulnerability and introspective nature. “Bad Apple Syndrome” continues the introspective journey with a relatable narrative about overcoming obstacles and staying true to oneself.

“The Constants,” featuring Cleveland P Jones, is a standout track that combines soulful vocals with Finale’s introspective verses, creating a powerful and emotional listening experience. “Said What I Said” serves as an interlude, showcasing Finale’s unapologetic attitude and raw talent.

“Freedom Fighters” and “F.A.M.I.L.Y.” further explore themes of unity, struggle, and the importance of community, while “Risk Vs. Reward” reflects on the choices one makes in life and their consequences. The album closes with “62 (Beat Fanatic Remix),” a reimagined version of the title track featuring Beat Fanatic, adding a fresh take on the album’s central theme.

“62” is a well-crafted, introspective album that highlights Finale’s unique voice and perspective within the hip-hop genre, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic, heartfelt rap.



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