Mike Lucci – Back In My Bag: DaMixtape


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1 Tay K Race 02:12
2 In My Bag Today 05:05
Featuring – Big Flame, Sdot Huncho
3 KashDoll 04:14
Featuring – Tre300, Eazy Rackz
4 Five On It 02:47
Featuring – Ant
5 My Drip 01:37
6 Been Trippin 03:28
Featuring – Scoot Da Kidd
7 Rubbing Off Da Paint 02:53
Featuring – Chicken Lee, Eazy Rackz
8 That Wall 02:26
Featuring – Lil Kb300
9 Ride For Me 03:47
10 Chicken Talk 01:25
11 Fuck Rap 02:12
Featuring – Big Flame
12 Let Me Talk My Shit 01:50
13 Load In 04:48
Featuring – Tre300, Eazy Rackz
14 Midtro 02:48
Featuring – Chicken Lee, Eazy Rackz, Big Flame, M. Bills, Vo’Juwuan
15 3 Hr Flight 02:17


“Back In My Bag: DaMixtape” is a mixtape by Fort Wayne, Indiana rapper Mike Lucci, released on February 14, 2019, by SurcoGang. This 15-track project showcases Mike Lucci’s versatility, lyricism, and unique flow, offering listeners a blend of catchy hooks, hard-hitting beats, and introspective lyrics. The mixtape features collaborations with fellow artists such as Big Flame, Sdot Huncho, Tre300, Eazy Rackz, Ant, Scoot Da Kidd, Chicken Lee, Lil Kb300, M. Bills, and Vo’Juwuan, highlighting the strong connections and talent within the hip-hop community.

The mixtape begins with “Tay K Race,” setting the tone for the project with its energetic beat and memorable lyrics. “In My Bag Today” features Big Flame and Sdot Huncho, creating a powerful anthem that showcases the rappers’ unique styles. “KashDoll” brings together Tre300 and Eazy Rackz for a catchy, infectious tune that is sure to get listeners moving.

“Five On It” features Ant, while “My Drip” stands out as a solo track that highlights Mike Lucci’s individual talent. “Been Trippin” and “Rubbing Off Da Paint” showcase collaborations with Scoot Da Kidd, Chicken Lee, and Eazy Rackz, emphasizing the chemistry between the artists. “That Wall” features Lil Kb300, and “Ride For Me” returns to a solo performance by Mike Lucci.

“Chicken Talk” and “Fuck Rap” dive into the realities of life in the rap game, while “Let Me Talk My Shit” offers a moment for Mike Lucci to express his thoughts and opinions on various topics. “Load In,” featuring Tre300 and Eazy Rackz, further highlights the collaborations within the mixtape, showcasing the dynamic synergy between the rappers.

The project concludes with “Midtro,” a track that brings together Chicken Lee, Eazy Rackz, Big Flame, M. Bills, and Vo’Juwuan for an energetic and captivating performance. Finally, “3 Hr Flight” provides a fitting end to the mixtape, leaving listeners eager for more from Mike Lucci and his fellow collaborators.

“Back In My Bag: DaMixtape” captures the essence of Mike Lucci’s style, while also spotlighting the talent of his featured artists. The mixtape offers a diverse range of themes and sounds, making it a must-listen for fans of hip-hop and rap enthusiasts alike.



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