Face Down – Illegal Drugs Really Hurt


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1 The 90’s 03:29
2 The Life 05:42
3 A Blackman 06:16
4 51-En 03:03
5 Medellin Cartel 02:07
6 Come As You Are 04:52
7 Strong 03:57
8 The V 04:07
9 Try Me 04:02
10 My Brother 04:18
11 Ruler 05:11


“Illegal Drugs Really Hurt” is the debut and only studio album by the Detroit-based rapper Face Down. The album was released in 1990 by Big Beat Records, a label known for its contributions to the development of hip hop in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The album features Face Down’s gritty, raw lyricism over hard-hitting beats produced by himself and co-producers Derek Jenkins and Dwayne “Spen” Richardson. The tracks on the album explore themes of street life and the dangers of drug use, with a focus on delivering a message of positivity and change.

While “Illegal Drugs Really Hurt” did not achieve mainstream success, it has gained a cult following among fans of underground hip hop and East Coast rap. Face Down’s style and lyrics have been praised for their honesty and authenticity, with tracks like “Mad Bit” and “Get Up Again” becoming fan favorites.

Despite the lack of commercial success, “Illegal Drugs Really Hurt” is an important piece of hip hop history, and a testament to the creativity and resilience of independent artists. Face Down’s contributions to the genre, though often overlooked, are still appreciated by fans of classic hip hop today.


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