Chali 2na – Fish Market Pt. 2


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1 Chali 2na Fintro 01:56
2 Chali 2na Fm2 Theme 03:21
Featuring – DJ Dez Andres
3 Chali 2na Greezy 02:59
Featuring – Jack Spade, Akil, Laid Law, DJ Dez Andres
4 Chali 2na 2na Interview 00:48
5 Chali 2na No Bad Mon 02:34
Featuring – Tanya Stephens
6 Chali 2na Chicken O The Sea Messages 01:22
Featuring – Sha Born, Shockwave, Street Cred
7 Chali 2na Hype 2night 03:32
Featuring – Ang 13
8 Chali 2na I Met Dez 00:22
9 Chali 2na Step Yo Game Up 03:17
10 Chali 2na Funky For You 02:46
Featuring – X Clan
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11 Chali 2na RIP Dusk 00:42
12 Heroes In The City Of Dope 2 Much 01:36
Featuring – Chali 2na
13 Chali 2na Across The Map 03:55
Featuring – J-Live
14 Chali 2na Hood Report 03:14
15 Chali 2na Focused Up 03:57
Featuring – Shock Wave, Ang 13, Raw Power, Street Cred, Laid Law
16 Chali 2na Fried 2na 00:38
17 Chali 2na On The Low 03:04
Featuring – Planet Asia
18 Chali 2na Wheels On The World 03:43
Featuring – Dez Andres, Elzhi
19 Chali 2na Gadget Go Go 03:40
20 Chali 2na 4 The Luv 04:15
Featuring – DJ Dez Andres, Fat Ray
21 Chali 2na Time Is Now 03:39
22 Chali 2na Save The People 03:16


“Fish Market Pt. 2” is a mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Chali 2na, known for his baritone voice and being a founding member of Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli. Released on June 8, 2010, by Decon Records, this compilation is a showcase of Chali 2na’s conscious hip-hop style with a variety of collaborations, featuring artists such as DJ Dez Andres, Jack Spade, Akil, Laid Law, Tanya Stephens, Sha Born, Shockwave, Street Cred, Ang 13, X Clan, Heroes In The City Of Dope, J-Live, Raw Power, Planet Asia, Elzhi, and Fat Ray.

The 22-track mixtape kicks off with “Fintro,” setting the tone for the project. Tracks like “FM2 Theme” featuring DJ Dez Andres and “Greezy” featuring Akil, DJ Dez Andres, Jack Spade, and Laid Law highlight Chali 2na’s unique flow and lyrical prowess. “No Bad Mon,” featuring Jamaican singer Tanya Stephens, adds a touch of reggae flavor to the mix.

Throughout the mixtape, Chali 2na’s conscious lyrics and thought-provoking themes are perfectly complemented by the contributions of his collaborators. Notable tracks include “Hype 2night” featuring Ang 13, “Across The Map” featuring J-Live, and “Wheels On The World” featuring Dez Andres and Elzhi.

“Fish Market Pt. 2” is a must-listen for fans of Chali 2na and conscious hip-hop. The mixtape is a testament to Chali 2na’s talent as a lyricist and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, creating a captivating and thought-provoking collection of tracks.



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