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1 Seven Intro 01:32
2 Seven, Dibbs, Dice We Can’t Be Touched 03:35
3 Lil’ One, Youngstah, Seven Fo’sho 03:58
4 Villa Gunslingers Mexicans Do Real Things 03:52
5 Dice Trying To Live 04:04
6 Mr. Shadow, Bigg Bandit, Seven Run Up On Ya 03:42
7 Travs On The Block 04:09
8 Mafia, Seven Hold Up 03:53
9 Chingon Yego Don Chingon 04:01
10 Sluggs, Mafia Los Angeles 04:19
11 Seven, Dibbs, Sal Capone Live It Up 03:55
12 Seven, Dice, Slick I Wanna 04:17
13 Sal Capone, Dice, Seven No Money 03:51
14 Murieta, Sluggs, Dibbs Cali Slide 03:45
15 Villa Gunslingers Devils Palms 03:25
16 L.A. Nash, Loco Los, Seven Playa’s Game 03:58
17 L.A. Nash Smoke Something 03:43


“Ghetto Muzuk” is a compilation album featuring various artists, released on July 27, 2004, by Aries Music Entertainment Inc. This compilation brings together a diverse group of talented artists, including Seven, Dibbs, Dice, Lil’ One, Youngstah, Villa Gunslingers, Mr. Shadow, Bigg Bandit, Travs, Mafia, Chingon, Sluggs, Sal Capone, Slick, Murieta, L.A. Nash, and Loco Los.

The album opens with an intriguing “Intro” by Seven, setting the stage for the tracks that follow. “We Can’t Be Touched,” a collaboration between Seven, Dibbs, and Dice, is a powerful anthem that showcases the artists’ skills and confidence in their craft.

Tracks like “Fo’sho” by Lil’ One, Youngstah, and Seven, and “Mexicans Do Real Things” by Villa Gunslingers demonstrate the range of styles and influences present in this compilation, offering a unique listening experience for fans of various genres.

Dice’s “Trying To Live” is a heartfelt track that explores the challenges faced by those living in the streets, while Mr. Shadow, Bigg Bandit, and Seven’s “Run Up On Ya” delivers hard-hitting lyrics and beats that will resonate with fans of gritty hip-hop.

Other notable tracks include “On The Block” by Travs, “Hold Up” by Mafia and Seven, and “Yego Don Chingon” by Chingon, all of which showcase the individual talents of each artist.

The album’s later tracks continue to impress, with collaborations such as “Live It Up” by Seven, Dibbs, and Sal Capone, and “I Wanna” by Seven, Dice, and Slick. “No Money” by Sal Capone, Dice, and Seven is a relatable track that speaks to the financial struggles many face.

The compilation wraps up with tracks like “Cali Slide” by Murieta, Sluggs, and Dibbs, “Devils Palms” by Villa Gunslingers, and “Playa’s Game” by L.A. Nash, Loco Los, and Seven, providing a satisfying conclusion to an album filled with diverse talent and powerful tracks.



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