Parts Unknown – Time For Turmoil

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1 911 Funk 03:36
2 NuTack Remix 03:02
3 Unknown’s Wet Dream 01:12
4 Aud. 1-Another Day In Epa 05:49
5 EPA City 03:00
6 Time For Turmoil 03:07
7 Smoove 03:02
8 Shit Talking Blues 01:12
9 Aud. 2-Trade Mark 03:24
10 Radio Version Of The Underground 03:41


“Time For Turmoil” is the only album by the rap group Parts Unknown, originating from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1990 by Studio B Records, the album showcases the group’s unique style and talent. Parts Unknown consists of members Sean T (also known as Shawn T), Top Dog (also known as Top Dawg), and the members of S-I-C (also known as Sic Insane Criminals), including K-Nine (also known as K-9), Studio B, Paco, Young Mack, and C-Dub-Code Z Kilo G.

The album contains a total of 10 tracks, with memorable songs such as “911 Funk,” “NuTack Remix,” “Unknown’s Wet Dream,” “EPA City,” and the title track “Time For Turmoil.” Each track highlights the group’s strong lyricism and storytelling abilities, capturing the spirit of East Palo Alto’s hip-hop scene during the early 1990s.

“Time For Turmoil” is characterized by its raw, unfiltered sound and the group’s ability to seamlessly blend various hip-hop styles. The album’s production, combined with the members’ distinctive voices and flows, creates a captivating listening experience that remains relevant and engaging even decades after its initial release.

As an underground classic, “Time For Turmoil” serves as a testament to Parts Unknown’s impact on the hip-hop scene of East Palo Alto and beyond. Although the group did not release any further albums, their legacy lives on through this one-of-a-kind record that continues to resonate with fans and hip-hop enthusiasts alike.

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