Various – Desert Funk! Soundtrack


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1 True Breed, Black Insane The Low Lows 04:07
2 NBK, Cece Peniston I Know You Want Me 05:17
3 P.O.W Get On The Floor 04:23
4 Markal Goes Around 04:55
Featuring – Black Insane, Sly
5 Mandi Make It Sweet 03:47
6 Black Insane Gruesome Discoveries 03:50
7 Cece Peniston When I’m With You 04:27
8 NBK No Sleep 04:20
9 True Breed Too Good To Be True 03:20
10 2 Faced The First Statement 04:59
11 Black Insane, True Breed G’s Ballin’ 04:05
12 Mandi I’ll Be There 04:02
13 P.O.W 4 Dem Playaz 04:50
14 Various Bonus Track 04:13
15 Various Bonus Track 04:07


“Desert Funk! Soundtrack” is a vibrant compilation album featuring various talented artists from Phoenix, Arizona. Released in 1998 by Nastyboy Records, the compilation showcases the diverse and thriving hip-hop and stage & screen music scene in Phoenix during that period. With a mix of G-Funk and Gangsta rap styles, this album offers a unique listening experience that captures the essence of the late 90s music landscape.

The compilation features 13 tracks from prominent artists such as True Breed, Black Insane, NBK, Cece Peniston, P.O.W, Markal, Sly, Mandi, and 2 Faced. Standout tracks include “The Low Lows” by True Breed and Black Insane, “I Know You Want Me” by NBK and CeCe Peniston, “Get On The Floor” by P.O.W, and “Goes Around” by Markal featuring Black Insane and Sly.

The album benefits from exceptional production quality, with M.C. Magic serving as the presenter and executive producer. The songs were mixed and recorded at “Magic’s Crib,” with the exception of specific tracks as indicated. The mastering was done at SAE Mastering and Porcupine Studios, ensuring a polished and professional sound throughout the compilation.

Art direction, graphics, and layout were handled by Raymond Z. Nunez Jr. “Skribe,” providing a cohesive and visually appealing package for the album. The “Desert Funk! Soundtrack” remains a testament to the wealth of talent and creativity in the Phoenix music scene during the late 90s and continues to resonate with fans of G-Funk and Gangsta rap styles.



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