Various – 6manofthecity Presents: 4thquarterballin The Playlist 4 The Streetz


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1 Everything Big 02:46
Featuring – Vv$ Vision
2 Coca Cola 02:07
Featuring – Tha Finatticz
3 She A Thot 02:21
Featuring – Young Sam, DJ Mustard, Joe Moses
4 Medicine Got Me Swervin 02:54
Featuring – CashOutCris, Feddie De Marco
5 Money Man 04:15
Featuring – Spiffie Luciano, 03 Greedo
6 Like Ooh 03:55
Featuring – Traffic, T.F., Sky
7 Some Type Of Way 02:58
Featuring – Greedy Mac, Big Wy
8 Fuck A Deal 02:13
Featuring – M.I.L.S.
9 Gurbin Too Much 04:34
Featuring – Vvs Beezy
10 Out The Safe 03:43
Featuring – Spiffie Luciano, Poppa Xo, Gmb Tony, Jae 5ive
11 Loyalty 03:57
Featuring – Gas Squad
12 25hundo 02:48
Featuring – Lil Sean, G Wink
13 Bag Money 04:14
Featuring – Vv$ Vision, Skoob Streetz
14 She The Type 03:25
Featuring – Young Sam, Vv$ Vision
15 Ogs 02:41
Featuring – Traffic, Ad
16 Top Down 04:15
Featuring – Vv$ Vision, CashOutCris, Feddie De Marco
17 Faded 04:42
Featuring – Skoob Streetz
18 Money Bring Power 02:24
Featuring – Young Sam
19 Upper Room Boutique2 00:24
Featuring – Money Mitch
20 All Hustle No Luck 03:18
Featuring – 2eleven, G Perico
21 I Need A Check 02:23
Featuring – Vv$ Vision
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22 D.O.E.Boyz 02:53
Featuring – Vv$ Vision, Young Sam
23 Hop On My Harley 02:51
Featuring – Chynna Chameleon, K Boy
24 Bag Money Season (Outro) 00:10
Featuring – 6manofthecity


“6manofthecity Presents: 4thquarterballin The Playlist 4 The Streetz” is a compilation album featuring various rappers from the urban music scene. Released on January 25, 2018, by Bag Money Season, this collection boasts a total of 24 tracks that showcase the talents of numerous artists such as Vv$ Vision, Tha Finatticz, Young Sam, DJ Mustard, Joe Moses, CashOutCris, Feddie De Marco, Spiffie Luciano, 03 Greedo, Traffic, T.F., Sky, Greedy Mac, Big Wy, M.I.L.S., Vvs Beezy, Poppa Xo, Gmb Tony, Jae 5ive, Gas Squad, Lil Sean, G Wink, Skoob Streetz, Ad, Money Mitch, 2eleven, G Perico, Chynna Chameleon, K Boy, and 6manofthecity.

This compilation provides listeners with a diverse selection of tracks that delve into themes of hustling, loyalty, and life on the streets. The album boasts a mix of catchy hooks, powerful lyrics, and hard-hitting beats that are bound to resonate with fans of street-centric hip hop. Each artist featured on this compilation brings their own unique style and energy to the project, creating a dynamic listening experience that showcases the best of what the urban music scene has to offer.

From the opening track “Everything Big” featuring Vv$ Vision to the closing “Bag Money Season (Outro)” with 6manofthecity, this album serves as a testament to the talent and passion of these up-and-coming rappers. Whether you’re a fan of the featured artists or simply looking for some fresh new music to add to your playlist, “6manofthecity Presents: 4thquarterballin The Playlist 4 The Streetz” is a must-listen compilation for fans of authentic street rap.



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