Twenty Two – Two Villains On A Quest


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1 Intro 01:37
2 Bump Me Off 04:09
3 No Question (Remix) 04:12
4 Whatcha Say? (Remix) 04:02
5 Mind Of A Murderer 03:53
6 Roll It Up 05:04
7 Like This (Remix) 03:52
8 Unity 03:14
9 Steppin’ In 05:00
10 No Question 03:55
11 Check The Flow 04:48
12 Scalp Peela’ 05:41
13 Like This 05:05
14 Flatline 04:05


“Two Villains On A Quest” is the second release by the rap group Twenty Two, hailing from Mesa, Arizona. Released in 1998 under Hokis Pokis Records, this album features a diverse range of tracks that showcase the group’s Gangsta and G-Funk styles, giving listeners a glimpse into the life and experiences of these talented artists.

The album starts with an “Intro” that sets the tone for the musical journey that is about to unfold. Tracks like “Bump Me Off,” “No Question (Remix),” “Whatcha Say? (Remix),” and “Mind Of A Murderer” showcase the group’s gritty lyrics and storytelling abilities, giving insight into their struggles and experiences.

“Roll It Up” and “Like This (Remix)” showcase the group’s G-Funk influences, with groovy beats and smooth rhymes that are perfect for cruising down the street. “Unity” and “Steppin’ In” offer messages of togetherness and camaraderie, while tracks like “Check The Flow” and “Scalp Peela'” showcase the group’s lyrical prowess and ability to create catchy hooks.

“Two Villains On A Quest” was produced by various artists, including Akmonic, Deion, Delano, Dre, L. Jones, M. Acquisto, R. Anderson, and S. Valenzuela. The album was mixed at Prophecy Productions, with executive producers L. Jones and M. Acquisto overseeing the project. Mixing duties were handled by Jeff Harris, J. Gray, L. Jones, M. Acquisto, and R. Anderson, while DJ Slick provided scratches on tracks “No Question” and “Flatline.”

Overall, “Two Villains On A Quest” offers a diverse collection of tracks that showcase Twenty Two’s unique sound and style, solidifying their place in the hip-hop scene and leaving a lasting impression on listeners.



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