Tweety Brd N Gsta – Macked Out ‘A Heartless Passion’


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1 Oldskoolz 04:13
Featuring – Popz
2 Riden Thru Yo City 05:02
Featuring – Mr. Str8-8
3 Can’t Fuk Wit Me 02:54
4 V.I.P. 03:19
Featuring – Honey
5 Hustle Don’t Stop 03:20
Featuring – Markzman
6 Eye Candy 03:28
7 Hate On Me 03:27
8 Benjaminz 03:38
9 Get Money 04:37
Featuring – Markzman
10 Tug 02:51


“Macked Out ‘A Heartless Passion'” is a captivating and powerful album from the rap duo Tweety Brd N Gsta, hailing from Modesto, California. Released on June 15, 2014, under West Side Productionz, this album showcases the group’s raw talent, lyrical prowess, and ability to create memorable hooks and catchy beats.

Comprised of 10 tracks, “Macked Out ‘A Heartless Passion'” offers a diverse range of styles and themes, blending elements of old-school hip-hop with modern street-inspired sounds. The album features guest appearances from artists such as Popz, Mr. Str8-8, Honey, and Markzman, adding depth and variety to the project.

The album kicks off with “Oldskoolz,” featuring Popz, a nostalgic track that pays homage to the golden era of hip-hop. The following track, “Riden Thru Yo City,” features Mr. Str8-8 and takes listeners on a journey through the streets of Modesto, showcasing the duo’s storytelling abilities.

“Can’t Fuk Wit Me” is a confident and assertive track, demonstrating Tweety Brd N Gsta’s unwavering self-belief and determination. “V.I.P.,” featuring Honey, offers a more laid-back, party vibe, perfect for getting listeners in the mood to celebrate.

“Hustle Don’t Stop,” featuring Markzman, is an ode to the relentless grind and ambition that drives the duo. “Eye Candy” and “Hate On Me” explore themes of success, envy, and perseverance, while “Benjaminz” and “Get Money,” featuring Markzman, delve into the pursuit of wealth and financial stability.

Closing the album with “Tug,” Tweety Brd N Gsta leave listeners wanting more, solidifying their place as a talented and promising force in the hip-hop scene.

“Macked Out ‘A Heartless Passion'” is a well-rounded album that showcases Tweety Brd N Gsta’s versatility and passion for their craft, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic, street-inspired hip-hop.



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