Trouble – Forever Puttin It Down


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1 Intro 00:17
2 Game’s Got Me Goin 03:14
3 Cloudy Days 03:03
4 Impressions 03:42
5 Player Haters 04:34
6 Changes 05:55
7 Expedition 03:04
8 Havin Thangs 02:59
9 Some More Real Shit 03:01
10 For Tha Luv Of Money 02:55
11 West Coast Luv 03:59
12 Trouble Funk 04:22
13 If I Die 04:32
14 Cloudy Days 2 03:20
15 Tha Ride 04:14
16 Outro 00:15


“Forever Puttin It Down” is the one and only studio album by rapper Trouble from Tucson, Arizona. Released in 1997 under the Saturated Affiliate label, this album showcases Trouble’s exceptional skills as a rapper and lyricist. With its G-Funk style and hip-hop influences, “Forever Puttin It Down” has a timeless appeal that resonates with fans of the genre.

The album begins with an engaging “Intro,” setting the tone for the tracks to follow. “Game’s Got Me Goin” offers listeners a taste of Trouble’s smooth flow and ability to craft a captivating narrative. “Cloudy Days” and its sequel, “Cloudy Days 2,” provide a more introspective look into the artist’s life, touching on personal struggles and experiences.

“Impressions” is a standout track that showcases Trouble’s versatility and creativity, while “Player Haters” delves into the challenges of success and envy. “Changes” takes on a reflective tone, examining the growth and development of the artist over time.

“Expedition” and “Havin Thangs” display Trouble’s storytelling abilities, painting vivid pictures of his experiences and observations. “Some More Real Shit” offers listeners an authentic look into the rapper’s life, further solidifying his credibility as an artist. “For Tha Luv Of Money” discusses the alluring yet dangerous pursuit of wealth, and “West Coast Luv” pays homage to Trouble’s regional roots.

“Trouble Funk” serves as a lively, energetic interlude, while “If I Die” takes on a more somber and contemplative tone. The album concludes with “Tha Ride” and an “Outro,” rounding out this impressive debut project.

“Forever Puttin It Down” is a memorable and impactful album that showcases Trouble’s undeniable talent as a rapper and lyricist. With its authentic G-Funk style and engaging storytelling, this album continues to resonate with fans and stands the test of time.



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