Trenchgod – In The Beginning


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1 4 Tha Fam 05:07
2 4 Tha Fam (Remix) 04:27
3 2000 And Tyckyn 04:07
4 Ahdrynnolyn 01:44
5 Anger Is Stalking Me 03:40
6 Blacc Xx 02:19
7 Blac Out (Instrumental) 01:47
8 Consequence 04:30
9 Cstyle (Remix) 03:32
10 Cstyle Locsta 04:02
11 Cursed 03:17
12 Da Chronic Brake (Interlude) 01:55
13 Da Chyt 02:40
14 Dis Crazee Wurld 05:20
15 Drama (Original) 04:17
16 Friday Tha 13th 04:23
17 Gancsta Niggaz 04:04
18 Gunpowder 05:07
19 Hood Talez 04:27
20 If I Implied 03:29
21 Lose You (2000 Remix) 03:54
22 Loyal To Tha Game (Interlude) 00:27
23 Lyph A.D. 04:00
24 N Tha Hood 03:05
25 Niggaz Clownin (Interlude) 02:33
26 Ntro Tha Byrth (Acapella) 02:27
27 Ntro Tha Byrth 02:43
28 Quiet Clozet 03:51
29 Sexx (Interlude) 02:20
30 Sylver Or Gold 04:59
31 Tha Death Of Flesh (Acapella) 00:57
32 Tha Death Of Skin 04:35
33 Tha Name Trenchgod 04:57
34 Tha Ruffcyde (Extended) 05:11
35 Tha Ruffcyde 04:49
36 Tha Struggo 04:08
37 Watered By Tha Reign 04:44
38 Wesscyde Rollyn 04:02
39 Where Ya Manhood 01:43
40 Ymmunyzed 02:28
41 Yntro Duce 01:17
42 Ytz Real 04:42


“In The Beginning” is a compelling album by Los Angeles-based rapper Trenchgod. Released on May 4, 2013, by Steve Jackson, this ambitious project showcases Trenchgod’s unique approach to storytelling and wordplay. With an impressive 42 tracks, the album is a testament to Trenchgod’s dedication to his craft and his ability to captivate listeners with a diverse range of sounds and themes.

The album starts strong with “4 Tha Fam” and its subsequent remix, establishing Trenchgod’s loyalty to his close ones. “2000 And Tyckyn” and “Ahdrynnolyn” demonstrate his lyrical prowess and ability to experiment with different beats and tempos. Tracks such as “Anger Is Stalking Me” and “Blacc Xx” delve into Trenchgod’s introspective side, exploring themes of frustration and self-reflection.

Trenchgod’s versatility is evident throughout the album, as he effortlessly transitions from hard-hitting tracks like “Consequence” and “Cstyle Locsta” to more laid-back tunes such as “Dis Crazee Wurld” and “Drama (Original).” This range of styles ensures that there’s something for every listener on “In The Beginning.”

As the album progresses, Trenchgod continues to weave vivid tales of street life and personal struggles, as seen on tracks like “Gunpowder,” “Hood Talez,” and “N Tha Hood.” He also showcases his exceptional storytelling ability on songs like “Loyal To Tha Game (Interlude)” and “Lyph A.D.”

“In The Beginning” concludes with powerful tracks like “Tha Struggo,” “Watered By Tha Reign,” and “Wesscyde Rollyn,” leaving listeners with a profound understanding of Trenchgod’s experiences and perspectives.

In summary, Trenchgod’s “In The Beginning” is a captivating journey through the mind of a skilled lyricist and storyteller. With its diverse range of tracks and themes, this album is an essential listen for fans of authentic hip-hop.



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