Tone Loc – Wild Thing & Other Hits


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1 Wild Thing 04:26
2 I Got It Goin’ On 04:35
3 On Fire (Remix) 04:52
4 Funky Westside 04:52
5 Next Episode 04:03
6 I Adore You 04:23
7 Freaky Behavior 04:43
8 Fatal Attraction 04:05
9 Why 05:01
10 Funky Cold Medina 04:08


“Wild Thing & Other Hits” is a compilation album featuring the best tracks from Los Angeles-based rapper Tone Loc, released on October 10, 2003 by Flashback Records. The album showcases the raw energy and distinctive voice of Tone Loc, real name Anthony Terrell Smith, who made a name for himself in the late ’80s and early ’90s with his unique, gravelly vocal style.

The compilation album contains 10 tracks, including the iconic hit “Wild Thing,” which catapulted Tone Loc to fame. Written by fellow rapper Young MC, the song samples Van Halen’s “Jamie’s Cryin'” and became a massive crossover hit. The album also features “Funky Cold Medina,” another successful track penned by Young MC. Although Tone Loc’s debut album, Lōc’ed After Dark, was the second rap album to top the charts, he was criticized by some within the hip-hop community, which led to his follow-up album, Cool Hand Loc (1991), not performing as well.

“Wild Thing & Other Hits” highlights Tone Loc’s versatility and unique voice, including tracks like “I Got It Goin’ On,” “On Fire (Remix),” and “Funky Westside.” The compilation also features love-inspired tracks like “I Adore You” and “Fatal Attraction” as well as fun, party-themed songs such as “Freaky Behavior” and “Next Episode.”

The compilation album is a testament to Tone Loc’s brief but impactful career in the music industry. Since his music days, Tone Loc has transitioned to acting, appearing in movies like Posse and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and TV shows like Fox’s “Roc.” His unmistakable voice has also been used for voice-overs in commercials and animated works.

“Wild Thing & Other Hits” was released under Flashback Records and features remastered tracks, providing listeners with an improved audio experience. The album includes liner notes from MC Kool Rocky Rock and was produced by Craig DeGraff, with project assistance from Mark Pinkus and Mason Williams. The album was remastered by Bob Fisher, ensuring a high-quality listening experience for fans of Tone Loc and classic hip-hop.

In conclusion, “Wild Thing & Other Hits” is a must-have compilation album for fans of Tone Loc’s distinctive sound and style. It serves as a reminder of his influence on the hip-hop scene and a celebration of his memorable tracks.



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