The Topdawgs – Who’s Doggen Who?


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1 Rock The Mother (Intro 1) 02:03
2 How You Livin’v 03:50
3 Why You Dog Me 03:56
4 Who’s Doggen Who? 04:12
5 Another Part Of Me 04:17
6 Rock The Mother (Intro 2) 01:33
7 Got 2 Move On 04:17
8 Q-T Pye 04:12
9 Got Me On Tha Run 04:10
10 I’m The Man, Girlfriend 04:04
11 Rock Me Baby 05:19
12 Got To Get My Groove On 03:11
13 Rock The Mother (Intro 3) 01:55


“Who’s Doggen Who?” is the one and only studio album by Los Angeles-based hip-hop group, The Topdawgs. Released on May 14, 1996, by Cold House Records, the album showcases the group’s unique blend of RnB/Swing and Pop Rap styles. Comprised of members Ivan “Djezi” Dailey and M.C. Count-V, also known as The Soul Dawgs, the duo delivers a captivating collection of tracks that highlight their chemistry and individual talents.

The 13-track album features a mix of catchy hooks, smooth melodies, and rhythmic verses that are bound to get listeners grooving. Kicking off with “Rock The Mother (Intro 1),” the album sets the stage for the Topdawgs’ vibrant sound and engaging lyricism. Songs like “How You Livin'” and “Why You Dog Me” delve into the realities of life and relationships, while the title track, “Who’s Doggen Who?” showcases the group’s ability to create infectious tunes with a memorable message.

The Topdawgs also demonstrate their versatility with tracks like “Another Part of Me” and “Got 2 Move On,” which offer introspective and relatable themes. Danceable tracks such as “Q-T Pye,” “I’m The Man, Girlfriend,” and “Rock Me Baby” are perfect examples of the group’s unique fusion of RnB/Swing and Pop Rap elements. The album concludes with “Rock The Mother (Intro 3),” bringing the listener full circle and leaving a lasting impression.

“Who’s Doggen Who?” stands as a testament to The Topdawgs’ talent and potential in the hip-hop scene of the mid-90s. Although it remains their only studio album, it offers a glimpse into the creative minds of Ivan “Djezi” Dailey and M.C. Count-V and their dedication to making memorable music.



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