The Ca$h Corp – Nothing Personal Just Business


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1 It’s Real 04:32
2 Cut From Ah Different Cloth 04:36
Featuring – Spenn Da Benn
3 This Life We Live 04:29
Featuring – Frank White
4 It’s The Mobb 05:28
Featuring – The Grindette’s, Bear, Ton-G, Citislicca, Joe Black Da Boss, Frank White
5 Dinner Wit Dealer’s 04:36
Featuring – Bear
6 Learned Alot Of Lesson’s 03:14
Featuring – Queda Vegas
7 Talkin’ To My Cash 03:25
Featuring – Frank White, Sammy Sam
8 Thinkin’ Bout The Money 04:39
Featuring – Bear, La La
9 Foundation 05:38
Featuring – Dee Mcghee, Don Gotti, Spenn Da Benn, Joe Black Da Boss, Citislicca, Bear
10 Play Yo Position 04:20
11 Cash Rule’s 03:28
12 I Had To 04:26
Featuring – Fatboi, Q.Bizzle
13 It’s The Cash Corp 04:38
Featuring – Sammy Sam
14 The Trap House 04:19
Featuring – Jack Tunny
15 Can’t Leave The Game 03:44
Featuring – Truf
16 Been Real 04:16
Featuring – Ayo The Incredible
17 The Mobb Don’t Speak 05:07
Featuring – Lo$o, Shotty El Capo, T-Magic, Ton-G, Frank White


“Nothing Personal Just Business” is the second studio album by Akron, Ohio-based rap group, The Ca$h Corp. Released on April 28, 2019, by $tay Grind’n Ent., the album features 17 tracks with collaborations from various artists including Spenn Da Benn, Frank White, The Grindette’s, Bear, Ton-G, Citislicca, Joe Black Da Boss, Queda Vegas, Sammy Sam, La La, Dee Mcghee, Fatboi, Q.Bizzle, Jack Tunny, Truf, Ayo The Incredible, Lo$o, Shotty El Capo and T-Magic.

The album explores themes of money, success, and the realities of street life. Tracks such as “It’s Real” and “The Mobb Don’t Speak” showcase the group’s gritty lyrics and hard-hitting beats, while “Foundation” and “Can’t Leave The Game” provide a glimpse into the group’s personal struggles and sacrifices in pursuit of their dreams.

With its diverse range of collaborations, “Nothing Personal Just Business” highlights The Ca$h Corp’s ability to seamlessly blend their unique sound with a variety of other artists. Tracks like “Cut From Ah Different Cloth” featuring Spenn Da Benn, and “Dinner Wit Dealer’s” featuring Bear, showcase the group’s versatility and ability to create powerful collaborations.

Overall, “Nothing Personal Just Business” is a testament to The Ca$h Corp’s dedication to their craft and their unwavering commitment to their fans. With its raw lyrics and hard-hitting beats, this album is a must-listen for fans of rap music.



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