TheyCallHimAP – Solid Gold


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1 Meditation 02:51
2 Practice 03:05
3 Special 04:19
Featuring – Trev Rich
4 Wants 02:43
5 Used To 03:13
6 Understand (The One, Pt. II) 03:45
7 My Only Friend 03:29
Featuring – BeatsbyFriends
8 Thinkin 02:44
Featuring – A Meazy
9 Demons 03:39
Featuring – BeatsbyFriends
10 A Song Called Blessed 02:28


Solid Gold is a mixtape project by rapper TheyCallHimAP, hailing from Denver, Colorado. The mixtape was released on September 30, 2018, by Squizzy Records. The mixtape features collaborations with notable artists, including Trev Rich, BeatsbyFriends, and A Meazy.

The mixtape features ten tracks, beginning with “Meditation,” a track that features a dreamy and relaxed beat. The track sets the tone for the rest of the mixtape with its introspective lyrics that showcase TheyCallHimAP’s reflective nature. “Practice” follows, featuring a more uptempo beat and lyrics that center around hard work and the grind that comes with pursuing success in the rap game.

“Special,” featuring Trev Rich, is a standout track on the mixtape. The track features a smooth beat and lyrics that celebrate a special someone in the rapper’s life. “Wants” is another standout track, featuring a soulful beat and lyrics that discuss the things that the rapper desires in life.

Other notable tracks on the mixtape include “Used To,” which features a more aggressive beat and lyrics that address the rapper’s come up in the rap game, and “Understand (The One, Pt. II),” which features a more somber beat and lyrics that reflect on the rapper’s past mistakes and the lessons that he has learned.

Overall, Solid Gold is a solid mixtape project from TheyCallHimAP that showcases the rapper’s lyrical ability and introspective nature. With collaborations from notable artists and a variety of beats, the mixtape is sure to appeal to fans of underground hip-hop.



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