Lunchbox – On The Run

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1 On The Run 04:22
2 In The County 04:54
3 Commercial 00:18
4 I Got The Feeling 04:44
5 Nutz Itch 04:09
6 I Know It’s A Trick 03:41
7 In The County (Instrumental) 04:57


“On The Run” is a unique release by rapper Lunchbox, hailing from Little Rock, AR, and Flint, MI. This EP, released in 1993 by Powerline Records, showcases Lunchbox’s distinct style, blending gangsta rap with G-Funk influences. As a cassette tape-only release, “On The Run” stands as a rare gem for hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors.

The 7-track EP kicks off with the title track “On The Run,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. Other notable tracks include “In The County,” “I Got The Feeling,” and “Nutz Itch.” The EP concludes with an instrumental version of “In The County,” giving listeners a chance to appreciate the production work in isolation.

Production on “On The Run” is handled by DJ Clay and Lunchbox himself, with co-producer R.C. Humphrey lending his talents as well. The EP features guest artist C-Lo “D,” adding another layer of depth to the overall sound. Behind the scenes, the EP was engineered by Mark London, mixed and mastered by Bernard Terry, who also provided the design, art direction, and photography for the project. Executive producer Robert Milton played a crucial role in bringing this unique release to life.

“On The Run” is a prime example of early 90s hip-hop, showcasing the raw talent of Lunchbox and his ability to create a distinctive sound that blends gangsta rap and G-Funk elements. This cassette tape-only release is a must-have for collectors and fans of the genre.

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