KG Prince – Bad Habits Volume 1


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1 Bad Habits Or Die 03:13
2 Mr Wayne Freestyle 01:50
Featuring – NO!, DVSH
3 Why The Fuck Do I Feel Like This 03:10
Featuring – NO!, Krookid, Donny K
4 Ellen Degeneres 03:18
Featuring – NO!, Donny K, Krookid
5 Snapchat 02:41
Featuring – Krookid, Donny K, Kbackwood$, DVSH, NO!
6 Rockstar 02:19
Featuring – T Wilso, T Danger
7 Fuck The Melody, Pt. 2 02:16
Featuring – Tre Valentine, J Baby
8 Lies 02:06
Featuring – NO!, DVSH
9 Innocentman 02:15
Featuring – Krookid
10 Maria 01:39
11 Through My Eyes Interlude 01:10
12 Belphegor 03:14
Featuring – NO!
13 Night 02:05
Featuring – NO!
14 27 Club 02:31
Featuring – Krookid, Yelloh Gonz
15 The Time In The Tent 01:22
Featuring – Krookid
16 Upset! 02:04
17 Never Left 01:42
Featuring – DVSH
18 Like Wow 01:23
Featuring – NO!
19 Differentgirlsamestory 01:33
20 Bad Habits Flow 02:13
Featuring – DVSH, NO!
21 On A Mission 02:40
Featuring – NO!, Donny K
22 Wya Wtf 02:22
Featuring – Krookid
23 Fucc Luv 03:19
Featuring – NO!, Krookid
24 Thought 02:47
Featuring – NO!
25 Huevos 01:44
Featuring – Donny K, Krookid
26 Risks/Shine 03:28
Featuring – Kbackwood$


Bad Habits Volume 1 is an engaging project by rapper KG Prince hailing from Aurora, Colorado. Released on December 15, 2019, by LAVSH Rep., this mixtape features an array of talented artists such as NO!, DVSH, Krookid, Donny K, Kbackwood$, T Wilso, T Danger, Tre Valentine, J Baby, Yelloh Gonz, and Kbackwood$. With a total of 26 tracks, Bad Habits Volume 1 demonstrates KG Prince’s versatility and skill in creating captivating rap music.

The mixtape starts strong with “Bad Habits Or Die” and “Mr Wayne Freestyle,” featuring NO! and DVSH, setting the tone for the rest of the project. The following tracks, such as “Why The Fuck Do I Feel Like This,” “Ellen Degeneres,” and “Snapchat,” showcase KG Prince’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create memorable hooks and engaging flows.

“Rockstar,” “Fuck The Melody, Pt. 2,” and “Lies” continue to deliver powerful beats and strong lyrics, with contributions from T Wilso, T Danger, Tre Valentine, and J Baby. “Innocentman,” “Maria,” and “Through My Eyes Interlude” display KG Prince’s talent in tackling various themes and styles.

The mixtape closes with a string of memorable tracks such as “27 Club,” “The Time In The Tent,” “Upset!,” “Never Left,” “Like Wow,” and “Differentgirlsamestory.” The final tracks, “Bad Habits Flow,” “On A Mission,” “Wya Wtf,” “Fucc Luv,” “Thought,” “Huevos,” and “Risks/Shine,” featuring Kbackwood$, solidify the project’s impact and leave listeners eager for more.



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