Thareal Muse1 – A Muse1 Xperience Presents: Thareal Muse1 The Gurb Father


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1 All 03:29
2 My Bitcthes 03:48
3 Call Her 03:30
4 In L.A. 03:56
5 That G 01:58
6 Dough 02:25
7 Getcha Money Up 01:47
8 We Ain’t The Same 02:46
9 The Theme Anthem 02:22
10 New Pussy 03:12
11 Sunday Funday Groove 03:58
12 Been A True (FrostydaP Parody) 01:38
13 That Work 03:41


“A Muse1 Xperience Presents: Thareal Muse1 The Gurb Father” is a captivating album by Los Angeles-based rapper Thareal Muse1, released on August 10, 2017. This collection of tracks showcases Thareal Muse1’s unique blend of gritty lyrics and smooth West Coast beats, making it a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts seeking an authentic representation of the genre.

The album opens with “All,” setting the tone with its catchy hook and Thareal Muse1’s captivating delivery. The following track, “My Bitcthes,” continues the momentum with a bold and unapologetic ode to the rapper’s relationships. “Call Her” slows things down a bit, offering a more introspective look at communication and connection in the modern age.

“In L.A.” is a standout track on the album, paying homage to Thareal Muse1’s hometown with an infectious beat and memorable lyrics that capture the spirit of the city. “That G” and “Dough” follow, providing a glimpse into the hustle and grind that fuels the rapper’s ambition.

“We Ain’t The Same” and “The Theme Anthem” delve into Thareal Muse1’s individuality, reinforcing his unique place in the hip-hop landscape. “New Pussy” brings a playful, tongue-in-cheek energy to the album, while “Sunday Funday Groove” offers a laid-back, feel-good vibe perfect for a weekend soundtrack.

“Been A True (FrostydaP Parody)” showcases Thareal Muse1’s sense of humor and ability to create a parody track that still resonates with listeners. The album closes with “That Work,” a powerful finale that underscores the rapper’s dedication to his craft and the relentless pursuit of success.

“A Muse1 Xperience Presents: Thareal Muse1 The Gurb Father” is a well-rounded album that delivers a mix of hard-hitting tracks, introspective lyrics, and catchy hooks that keep listeners engaged from start to finish. Thareal Muse1’s unique voice and authentic storytelling make this album a standout addition to any hip-hop fan’s collection.



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