TajMalik – No Pen, No Pad


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1 No Pe, No Pad 01:40
Featuring – Bigga Rankin
2 Bankroll 03:12
Featuring – Moneybags Yo
3 Can’t Blame Her 03:45
4 Made For This 02:30
5 Peace 03:01
6 Side Bitch 03:38
7 Hang Up The Phone 03:15
8 Bail Money 01:21
9 Ride Or Die 03:07
Featuring – Geechi Gotti
10 Tell You 03:19
11 For The Streets 03:07
12 Outro 02:18
Featuring – My Son’s Ahmad, Ahmari


“No Pen, No Pad” is a captivating mixtape by Compton, California rapper TajMalik, released on March 24, 2017, under MTMG. The project features collaborations with artists such as Bigga Rankin, Moneybags Yo, Geechi Gotti, and My Son’s Ahmad and Ahmari, showcasing TajMalik’s talent and diverse musical influences.

The mixtape kicks off with the title track “No Pen, No Pad,” featuring Bigga Rankin, setting the tone for TajMalik’s raw, freestyle approach to his lyricism. “Bankroll,” featuring Moneybags Yo, follows with a catchy hook and infectious beat, highlighting the rapper’s ability to create memorable tracks.

“Can’t Blame Her” and “Made For This” continue the mixtape’s momentum with thought-provoking lyrics and hard-hitting beats, showcasing TajMalik’s unique perspective and storytelling abilities. “Peace” offers a more introspective look at the rapper’s life and experiences, while “Side Bitch” and “Hang Up The Phone” provide a glimpse into his relationships and personal struggles.

“Bail Money” is a brief but powerful track that speaks to the challenges faced by many in the streets, while “Ride Or Die,” featuring Geechi Gotti, is an anthem for loyalty and dedication. “Tell You” and “For The Streets” delve deeper into TajMalik’s life and experiences, demonstrating his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

The mixtape concludes with the heartfelt “Outro,” featuring My Son’s Ahmad and Ahmari, bringing the project to a powerful and emotional close. “No Pen, No Pad” is a testament to TajMalik’s raw talent and compelling storytelling abilities as an artist.



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