Tac of 51.50 – Servin Knock’z


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1 Intro / Muggin’ Me 03:58
2 Gangsta Boogie 04:07
Featuring – Killa Tay, Cosmo
3 Ghetto Bluez 05:03
Featuring – Marvaless
4 Real Ridaz 04:48
Featuring – Ghost Ryda
5 Murder Men 04:43
Featuring – Sutter Cain, Young Lucky
6 High-Powered Caineslangin’ 05:02
Featuring – Killa Tay, Marvaless, Yukmouth
7 Thug Biz 04:46
Featuring – Cosmo, Famizz
8 Dump-Dump 04:00
Featuring – Killa Tay
9 Ballin’-N’-My Hood 04:37
Featuring – Ghost Ryda
10 Trust Me Too! 04:38
11 My Bitch & Me 04:16
12 Green & White (Mr.Policeman) 05:51
Featuring – Ryan D.
13 Servin’ Knockz 04:30
14 We Gonna Ride 03:44
Featuring – Killa Tay, San Quinn
15 Cali Block 03:15
Featuring – Ryan D.


“Servin Knock’z” is a rare and unique hip-hop album released by Tac, a member of the rap group 51.50 Illegally Insane from Marin City, California. The album was released on September 1, 1999, under the label Ping Records LLC. This gangsta-style album features 15 hard-hitting tracks that showcase Tac’s skills as a rapper and lyricist.

The album kicks off with the intro track “Muggin’ Me,” setting the tone for the gritty and raw sounds that follow. Throughout the album, Tac collaborates with various artists, such as Killa Tay, Marvaless, and Yukmouth, among others. These collaborations add depth and diversity to the project, while maintaining a cohesive sound.

Some standout tracks on the album include “Gangsta Boogie,” a high-energy anthem featuring Cosmo* and Killa Tay, “Ghetto Bluez,” a thought-provoking track with a guest appearance by Marvaless, and “High-Powered Caineslangin’,” which features Killa Tay, Marvaless, and Yukmouth. Other notable tracks are “Thug Biz” and “Ballin’-N’-My Hood,” which showcase Tac’s lyrical prowess and ability to tell vivid stories through his music.

“Servin Knock’z” was recorded at Dr. “C” Studio and mastered at Future Disc. The album is a testament to Tac’s dedication to his craft, and his unique contributions to the hip-hop scene in the late ’90s. Fans of 51.50 Illegally Insane and the West Coast rap scene will appreciate this rare gem from Tac, as it captures the essence of the era and the unique sound of Marin City’s hip-hop culture.

“Servin Knock’z” delivers an authentic gangsta rap experience, complete with vivid storytelling, intense beats, and a lineup of talented guest artists. Tac’s distinct voice and lyrical style are on full display, as he addresses topics such as street life, loyalty, and the struggle for success. Tracks like “Trust Me Too!” and “My Bitch & Me” explore personal relationships and the dynamics between love and trust.

“Green & White (Mr. Policeman)” features Ryan D., and together, they delve into the issue of police interactions and the impact on their community. The album’s title track, “Servin’ Knockz,” encapsulates the essence of the entire project, while “We Gonna Ride,” featuring Killa Tay and San Quinn, and “Cali Block,” with Ryan D., serve as strong closing tracks that leave a lasting impression.

Overall, “Servin Knock’z” is a must-listen for fans of 51.50 Illegally Insane and those who appreciate the raw, unfiltered sound of West Coast gangsta rap from the late ’90s. Tac’s unique voice and undeniable talent shine throughout the album, making it a timeless classic in the genre.



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