T.Y.E – Tr:32 (Voices)


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1 Triggers 03:24
2 McDonalds 05:16
3 Playground 02:34
4 Voices 03:08
5 Bfl 02:11
6 Woodtown 02:00
7 P.T.S.D 03:02


“Tr:32 (Voices)” is a compelling EP project by Dallas, Texas rapper T.Y.E, released on March 1, 2019, under 32 Lifestyle LLC. The EP features seven tracks, showcasing T.Y.E’s versatile style, emotional depth, and storytelling prowess. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences, T.Y.E delves into themes of mental health, self-discovery, and navigating the complexities of life in his music.

The EP opens with “Triggers,” a powerful track that sets the stage for the introspective journey listeners are about to embark upon. T.Y.E explores the complexities of life’s pressures and how they affect one’s mental state. “McDonalds” follows, offering a glimpse into the rapper’s upbringing and background, with evocative storytelling and vivid imagery that captivates the audience.

“Playground” is a shorter track that demonstrates T.Y.E’s ability to create memorable hooks and infectious beats. The EP’s title track, “Voices,” delves deeper into the artist’s psyche, examining the internal struggles and the impact of external influences on one’s mental health. “Bfl” is a raw, emotional track that showcases T.Y.E’s vulnerability as he discusses personal challenges and experiences.

“Woodtown” takes listeners back to T.Y.E’s roots, with a strong sense of place and community. The EP concludes with “P.T.S.D,” a powerful exploration of the lingering effects of trauma and the ongoing struggle to overcome past experiences.

“Tr:32 (Voices)” is a captivating project that highlights T.Y.E’s unique voice in the hip-hop scene, offering an authentic and vulnerable look into the rapper’s life and experiences. With its diverse range of themes and musical styles, this EP is sure to resonate with fans of thought-provoking and introspective hip-hop.



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