Grenade Posse – Makin’ Plenty Power Moves


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1 The Holics 03:42
Featuring – Playa Fly
2 Gangster And Pusher 04:24
3 Burred Out The Projects 04:18
4 City Slickers And Hog Killers 04:40
Featuring – Indiana Boyz, Johnny Red
5 Dis Is Grenade 03:43
6 Loose Lips 04:35
7 Between Us 03:26
Featuring – Gangsta Blac
8 Hata Repellent (Skit) 00:45
9 Lifestyles Of The Slicks And Gamers 04:28
Featuring – Moda Roasta, The Freelancers
10 Comin’ 03:44
11 Get On The Grind 04:23
Featuring – South Memphis Thug


“Makin’ Plenty Power Moves” is a compelling studio album by the rap group Grenade Posse, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. Self-released on April 25, 2000, this album showcases the group’s unique take on the Gangsta subgenre of Hip Hop. Entirely produced by Blackout, the album features 11 gripping tracks that highlight the talent of group members Queen and SS Boy.

The album kicks off with “The Holics,” featuring Playa Fly, setting the tone for an engaging listening experience. Further exploring the gritty realities of street life, tracks such as “Gangster and Pusher,” “Burred Out The Projects,” and “City Slickers And Hog Killers” featuring Indiana Boyz and Johnny Red demonstrate the group’s ability to create vivid narratives.

Grenade Posse’s distinctive style is showcased in tracks like “Dis Is Grenade,” “Loose Lips,” and “Between Us” featuring Gangsta Blac. The album also includes “Hata Repellent (Skit),” a brief interlude that adds to the overall atmosphere of the record.

Collaborations with artists such as Moda Roasta and The Freelancers on “Lifestyles Of The Slicks And Gamers,” as well as South Memphis Thug on “Get On The Grind,” further enrich the album’s diverse range of sounds and styles.

“Makin’ Plenty Power Moves” is an engaging and powerful album that captures the essence of Grenade Posse’s unique approach to Hip Hop. With its raw lyrics, infectious beats, and skillful production, this album is a must-listen for fans of the Gangsta Hip Hop genre.



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