Sunday Smoke – Sunday Smoke


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1 Chronic Flakes 04:05
2 City Lights 04:58
3 Hell Of A Sunday 03:59


“Sunday Smoke” is the self-titled debut EP by the rap group from Los Angeles, California. Released in 1994 exclusively on cassette tape format by E. Drain, this EP embodies the essence of ’90s West Coast hip-hop with its gangsta and G-funk styles. The EP consists of three tracks on each side, with Side A and Side B featuring identical song lists.

The EP kicks off with “Chronic Flakes,” a laid-back track that reflects the group’s affinity for marijuana culture, which was prevalent in the West Coast rap scene at the time. The smooth beat, combined with the group’s effortless flow, sets the tone for the rest of the project.

The second track, “City Lights,” showcases Sunday Smoke’s storytelling ability as they paint vivid pictures of life in Los Angeles during the ’90s. The song’s atmospheric production and catchy hook make it a standout track on the EP.

Closing out both sides of the EP is “Hell Of A Sunday,” which further explores the group’s experiences and observations in their city. The track is a fitting conclusion to the project, as it highlights the group’s lyrical prowess and ability to blend storytelling with catchy hooks and memorable beats.

Although the “Sunday Smoke” EP only features three tracks, it serves as a testament to the group’s talent and their ability to capture the spirit of West Coast hip-hop during its golden age. With its combination of gangsta rap and G-funk influences, this project is a must-listen for fans of classic ’90s hip-hop and serves as a nostalgic reminder of the genre’s rich history.

As a cassette tape-only release, “Sunday Smoke” is a rare find for collectors and enthusiasts of ’90s hip-hop, offering a glimpse into the early work of a talented rap group from Los Angeles.


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